iRobot Corp.

by Publishing Team on January 3, 2011

iRobot Corp. Job Description

iRobot devises and constructs robots that creates a divergence. iRobot was set up in 1990 with the idea of producing useful robots a reality. Last year, iRobot made more than $200 million in proceeds and hired more than 500 of the robot industry’s finest professionals including electrical, mechanical and software engineers and associated support personnel. iRobot’s business center of operations are located in Bedford, Mass and other business offices in Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, California, the United Kingdom, France, India, China and Hong Kong.

iRobot Corp. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Mechanical Engineer

The Mechanical Engineer works under the supervision of a ME team leader to plan and build up mechanical designs to convene proper product requirements; perform comprehensive element design, creating and or updating Pro-E CAD models and generating correctly dimensioned drawings; carry out part and structure level breakdown to guarantee strength of design proposals; labor with Quality Assurance team to settle on appropriate level of element, system, and or life testing to validate the designs; prepare for and get hold of prototype samples as correct; precisely approximate moment for design tasks; coordinate with Program Manager to make sure course charge and schedule constraints exactly, allowing for necessary engineering efforts; be aware and clear technical hazards and propose margin all through process, ensuring that Program Manager comprehends and is conscious of new risks as they come up; assess designs with contract manufacturer, hold DFM/DFA analysis, discharge concluded design records and gain approval to tool; acquire and confirm production-representative parts that completely conform to every product requirements; execute systematic basis source analysis and quick decision for any nonconformity in part performance; set off and practice engineering adjustment requests as required to work out deficits in released designs; verify that concluding manufacture part geometry matches CAD database; and make certain that the entire design documentation all through the process is understandable, systematic and stored in proper data storage.

Mechanical Engineer Salary: $65,000.00

  • Electrical Test Engineer

The Electrical Test Engineer work with mechanical test engineer, quality and engineering in the plan team to characterize and file the test requirements and test methodologies; construct the test fixtures and tools with mechanical test engineer as designed; execute requirement of test fixtures and test equipment to make sure that test systems are able to grant correct and consistent test results; describe and document calibration and preservation requirements of all test fixtures and equipment; carry out test plans and guarantee that collapses found during test are recognized precisely and reported rapidly to engineering team for resolution; do electrical troubleshooting of product qualification malfunctions as mandatory to determine primary cause; act upon battery vendor qualification test or new battery qualification test; and work with the company’s Far East group to monitor the supplier’s battery current quality using the company’s Big Battery Test.

Electrical Test Engineer Salary: $50,000.00-$80,000.00

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