Iron Skillet Restaurant

Iron Skillet Restaurant
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Established: 1953
Employees: 49
HQ: Indianapolis, IN
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Iron Skillet Restaurant Job Description

Iron Skillet Restaurant offers a unique approach to employee satisfaction; just as it seeks to satisfy its customers, it also aims to see to the welfare of its staff. With on-going training and re-training, workers at Iron Skillet Restaurant will sure have a great time. Iron Skillet Restaurant seeks individuals that are hard working and can function well in a team to join its establishment for jobs ranging from hourly to management career positions.

Iron Skillet Restaurant Job Positions and Duties

  • Iron Skillet Restaurant Outlet Manager Job Description

Iron Skillet Restaurant Outlet Manager generally provides over-all management for the retail outlet. Other tasks assigned to the Outlet Manager include, but not limited to: planning, organizing, and supervises the work of a number of diversified workers involved in food preparation and service. The Outlet Manager is expected to observe the quality of food service and gives instructions for the maintenance of high standards. Other duties include developing and preparing menus according to sound dietary principles; reviewing inventory and requisitions and purchases food supplies as required by anticipated volume; makes direct special purchases. A good knowledge of food values, nutrition, and menu planning and the ability to prepare working schedules for employees and to instruct subordinates in food service procedures is very essential.

Iron Skillet Restaurant Outlet Manager Salary: $47,750

  • Iron Skillet Restaurant Chef Job Description

The Chef’s duty is mainly supervisory and monitoring. The Chef monitors staff involved in preparing, cooking, and serving meats, sauces, vegetables, soups, and other foods. Prepares food according to recipe; cuts, trims, and bones meats and poultry for cooking. Portions cooked foods, or gives instructions to workers as to size of portions and methods of dressing. The Chef may sometimes employ, train, and discharge workers and other times may also maintain time and payroll records. Other duties assigned to the Chef include: menu planning, kitchen staff monitoring, foodstuffs purchase, etc.

Iron Skillet Restaurant Chef Salary: $36,500

  • Iron Skillet Restaurant Line Cook Job Description

The Line Cook normally receives instructions from the Chef on what and how to cook. But in the absence of the Chef, the Line Cook takes over the cooking procedure. Some of the requirements of the Line Cook at Iron Skillet Restaurant are: good knowledge of health hazards in food preparation and service, and of necessary precautionary measures; considerable knowledge of a large variety of food recipes; knowledge of food values, menu planning, and uses for left-over food; knowledge of effective supervisory methods and techniques. Others are the ability to work from written menus and standard recipes; ability to plan, lay out, and assign work to a staff of skilled and unskilled kitchen workers in a manner conductive to full performance and high morale and the ability to take inventory and keep records of foodstuffs used, amongst others.

Iron Skillet Restaurant Line Cook Salary: $30,000

  • Iron Skillet Restaurant Waiter/Waitress Job Description

The Waiter/Waitress job is quite straightforward. He/she functions in normal daily dining room operations by taking food and beverage orders from customers, answering questions regarding prices, substitutions, quality or quantity of menu items, and availability of menu items. The Waiter/Waitress delivers food and beverages to tables; waits on tables to ensure that customers are supplied with beverage refills or clean utensils when they call for it. He/she also removes dishes and utensils; cleans and dusts tables and chairs; fills sugar, salt, and pepper containers; and sometimes sweeps floors. The employee may also be required to assist in setting up and taking down tables and chairs; and placing clean utensils and napkins on tables.

Iron Skillet Restaurant Waiter/Waitress Hourly Salary: $9

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