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Islands Job Description

This chain of restaurants was founded in 1982; thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder Tony DeGrazier. His was a vision of simplicity and originality. He sought to fill a niche in the restaurant market, which he managed to do with perfection. He had always wanted to start a restaurant with a tropical theme, and this he managed to do in Los Angeles. After that, there was no stopping, as islands is a brand that has grown in leaps and bounds, exceeding the expectations of the founder and his initial team. He is still the founder and president of the brand and has maintained the original recipe of islands. This brand provides a lot of employment opportunities; some of which are listed here.

Islands Job Positions and Duties

  • Islands Cashier Job Description

This establishment is renowned for its services, and being one of the best of its kind; it does not compromise on the quality of people who work for it. The cashier is more than a cashier, since he will be expected to do more than man the cash register. The cashier will be expected to work in a tight schedule and answer the questions of customers. He is expected to hear what complaints they may have and help in solving them as fast as possible.

Islands cashier’s salary: $14 per hour

  • Islands Cook Job Description

A cook need not only be skilled in cooking, he needs to be experienced. This means he has to have the references that accompany his service to other establishments with him. Most of all, they need to be in good health. It is expected that food handling will be done by people in good health. He needs to have management skills since he will have to work as part of a team with other cooks. The cook will make sure the quality of food being served is top notch.

Islands cook’s salary: $14 per hour

  • Islands Shift Manager Job Description

Workers employed in this establishment work in shifts according to their preferences. It is the work of the shift manager to hire employees for those shifts that have not been covered. The shift manager has to work as part of a team with other shift managers and give them an easy time as much as possible. Shift management requires a lot of strict adherence to time so the shift manager needs to lead by example. As a shift manager, one has to be neat and presentable to expect the same from the subordinates.

Islands shift manager’s salary: $9 to 13 per hour

  • Islands Store Manager Job Description

Store management depends on the establishment but the skills required in each of them is the same. As a store manager, one overlooks the work of all the store workers and ensures that all have reported to work. Record keeping is very important, so the store manager has to look at them to determine the movement of the items to and from the stores. He is supposed to hire people he can trust to maintain honest records for the sake of the restaurant.

Islands store manager’s salary: $12-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

As an employee of islands, you will have more than what you expected. You will have a higher quality of life and a chance to develop a career. There are plenty of people who started their careers at islands in hourly employment but managed to climb the corporate ladder into management. There are restaurant management posts to choose from and if you feel that you are qualified enough, you can make an application.

Islands Job Application Form Online

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