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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

J. Alexander’s Job Description

J. Alexander’s has the vision of providing quality food, excellent customer service, and the perfect ambiance for a fine dining experience by having the right people in their team. Individuals with an unwavering determination in producing the highest quality of food and service possible are welcome to join J. Alexander’s team of highly qualified and professional employees and become part in the company’s objectives of providing the highest form of customer service and quality food in the restaurant business.

J. Alexander’s Job Positions and Duties

  • J. Alexander’s Food Server Job Description

If you are a very customer – oriented individual and you always take pride in everything that you do, you may be interested in the Food Server job position at J. Alexander’s. All it takes is determination and you can easily become part of the company’s workforce. Requirements for a Food Server job position at J. Alexander’s include: you must be at least 16 years old, understands the basic operational guidelines of the company when it comes to handling and serving food orders, and above all, you must also be a very good team player. Servers at J. Alexander’s are also expected to cope well under pressure because this is a very fast paced working environment especially during peak hours.

J. Alexander’s Food Server Hourly Salary: $5.69/hr

  • J. Alexander’s Cook Job Description

Aside from preparing and cooking all ordered foods, the cooks at J. Alexander’s are also responsible for sorting out and arranging cooked foods and must know how to perform all station duties including Fry, Griddle, Pantry, Flat Top, and cooking eggs. A Cook must also communicate with the manager at all times as well as the on – duty servers to make sure that the processing of customer orders are going smoothly. Cooks are expected to perform all the delegated tasks as ordered by the management and must maintain the cleanliness and organization of the work station in accordance with the company’s operational standards.

J. Alexander’s Cook Hourly Salary: $10.40

  • J. Alexander’s Restaurant Manager Job Description

Among the chief responsibilities of a Restaurant Manager at J. Alexander’s is to direct the overall operations of the restaurant while providing comprehensive training for all employees. Restaurant Managers also need to make sure that they are able to meet the marketing goals set by the company not to mention improving the daily sales and net profit of the restaurant. In addition to that, Restaurant Managers are also accountable for all the things that may happen during his or her shift or for every decision he or she made regarding a particular issue. Restaurant Managers at J. Alexander’s must also lead the direct sales marketing and boosting of company sales and profits while upholding the standards of the company. They also need to maximize the performance of the restaurant when it comes to the day to day operation and must deliver the highest standards when executing marketing operations.

J. Alexander’s Restaurant Manager Salary: $52,500

  • J. Alexander’s Assistant Manager Job Description

Assistant Managers at J. Alexander’s report to Restaurant Managers and since they are second in command, they will be supervising all Team Members on assigned shift. Other related duties include assisting the Restaurant Manager when hiring personnel, orienting and or evaluating Team Members, trains newly hired member about all the aspects of the operations and they are also responsible for implementation of the company’s guidelines for standard operation. Assistant Managers are also responsible for keeping the restaurant premises clean using the company’s standard sanitation program. They also need to ensure that the highest standard for maintaining product quality and excellent customer service is being implemented.

J. Alexander’s Assistant Manager Salary: $44,667

  • J. Alexander’s Lead Line Cook/Kitchen Manager Job Description

One of the major responsibilities of a Kitchen Manager is to ensure the compliance of the store’s standard operating procedures. They must make sure that the kitchen and all personnel working in that station are doing their best to meet the company’s standards in providing quality food. They also need to fill in a position chart that must be properly balanced for operational excellence and make sure that all Team Members are meeting the company’s standards in uniform and personal hygiene. Kitchen Managers are also responsible for the implementation of the company’s Production Guides and Product Level System and ensures that the kitchen stations are using the proper procedures for food preparation and handling.

J. Alexander’s Lead Line Cook/ Kitchen Manager Salary: $38,000

J. Alexander’s Job Application Form Online

To learn more of the available job positions at J. Alexander’s, you can visit their official website and go directly to their career page at http://www.jalexanders.com/joinourteam.php.

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