Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike's Subs
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Established: 1956
Employees: 10,000
HQ: Manasquan, New Jersey
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Jersey Mike’s Subs Job Description

It all started in point pleasant in 1956 where Mike started his first store. It did not take a long time for it to have influence in the neighborhood and a lot of people loved it. It had a specialty, the submarine sandwich which it became known for in the 15 or so years of its establishment. It was going to be a while before Peter Cranco, the 14 year old working in the joint became interested in buying the joint. Actually, it was the owner who offered peter the opportunity to buy him out. At the time, he was 17 and relatively experienced in management. he bought the joint and expanded and created more joints. The rest, as they say is history since this brand has more than 450 stores to date. Peter is the CEO and he is still very much as passionate about his job as he was several decades back. Employing several thousand employees, this brand has several posts on offer.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Job Positions and Duties

  • Jersey Mike’s Subs Cashier Job Description

A cashier is a professional who handles cash and issues change. This is the main function of the Jersey Mike’s Subs cashier. There are some other duties that this cashier needs to perform as well, so this position needs to be filled by a very flexible person. The cashier needs to be good at interacting with customers. This duty is very important since it may determine how long a restaurant will be in business. This means the cashier needs to be knowledgeable on a lot of things concerning the restaurant and its services.

Jersey Mike’s Subs cashier’s salary: $13 per hour

  • Jersey Mike’s Subs Cook Job Description

The cook is needed for the preparation of the menu items. Jersey Mike’s Subs needs cooks who are analytical and are aware of what to cook when. There are items on the menu that are on demand more than others and for this reason they need to be prepared more than others. Cooks need to give an accurate breakdown of all the necessities in the kitchen and make sure the management is aware of the need. Cooks ensure that there are a lot more in store for customers than expected.

Jersey Mike’s Subs cook’s salary: $13 per hour

  • Jersey Mike’s Subs Shift Manager Job Description

A shift manager comes up with a shift schedule and ensures employees have filled the schedules according to their availability. For those who want to become Jersey Mike’s Subs shift managers, they have to be prepared to make snap decisions that will not injure the reputation of the chain of restaurants. The well being of any shift rests on the shift manager and he is responsible for anything that goes wrong or right. The shift manager’s work is to ensure profitability as much as possible.

Jersey Mike’s Subs shift manager’s salary: $15 per hour

  • Jersey Mike’s Subs Store Manager Job Description

The store manager ensures that the store is arranged to perfection. Everything in need should be closer than those which are not in need. The store manager overlooks the work of the employees in the stores and is charged with the responsibility of hiring them when in need. Store management requires a person to draw up a schedule of work depending on the schedule of the restaurants. This manager may be the channel through which the employees under him discuss issues affecting them, and it is up to the manager to make sure management is aware of them.

Jersey Mike’s Subs store manager’s salary: $12-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

This is a tip of the iceberg as there are more management positions on offer by this brand. They are available in public relation, human resource management and the legal sector of the company. All these require a person to have experience and demonstrate a lot of responsibility and skill in his work. As for the crew jobs the availability depends on the location of the joint.

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