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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Jet’s Pizza Job Description

Jet’s Pizza is increasingly being made popular by its insistence on quality delivery every time a pizza is served. To achieve that it has hired some of the most skillful hands around that have the ability to actualize the purpose of the restaurant. With its drive for continuous expansion, Jet’s Pizza is on the lookout for more workers that are dedicated and have valued skills to join the food retail chain. It is a fantastic experience to work with Jet’s Pizza so far you have all the requisite qualifications.

Jet’s Pizza Job Positions and Duties

  • Jet’s Pizza Manager Job Description

The job of Manager at Jet’s Pizza is quite demanding. The employee must be able to work as necessary to insure customer satisfaction, which may include occasional odd hours and/or remaining on-call for problem solving. Generally, he/she reviews inventory and requisitions and purchases food supplies as required; and may sometimes required to make direct special purchases. The Manager also assigns and trains personnel and determines work schedules for all staff employed at Jet’s Pizza. At recruiting time, the Manager interviews and hires employees; evaluates employees’ performance; resolves minor employee grudges. In-depth knowledge of institutional or commercial food service management procedures and practices is necessary.

Jet’s Pizza Manager Salary: $50,000

  • Jet’s Pizza Baker Job Description

The pizza Baker’s job is to ensure the production of quality pizza on-time and according to orders place. A good knowledge of short order cooking is important. The Baker simply shapes dough sections into balls or mounds and sprinkles each section with flour to prevent crust forming until used. Greases pan. Stretches or spreads dough mixture to size of pan. Places dough in pan and adds olive oil and tomato puree, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, meat, or other garnish on surface of dough, according to kind of pizza requested. Sets thermostatic controls and inserts pizza into heated oven to bake for specified time. Removes product from oven and observes color to determine when pizza is done.

Jet’s Pizza Baker Salary: $34,600

  • Jet’s Pizza Shift Supervisor Job Description

The employee is responsible for a number of tasks as would have been assigned by the Manager. Tasks work station rotations, employee training, employee vacations, employee breaks, overtime assignment, back-up for absent employees, and shift rotations. The Shift Supervisor at Jet’s Pizza is also responsible for the coordination of production startups, shutdowns, and changeovers. He/she is also tasked with ensuring a clean and safe work area at all times and also communicates with other Shift Supervisors and Manager. Finally, the Shift Supervisor also has to complete shift paper work at the end of the shift just before handing over. The Shift Supervisor might be called in to assist in production when necessary.

Jet’s Pizza Shift Supervisor Salary: $29,000

  • Jet’s Pizza Delivery Driver Job Description

No pizza outlet can survive and do well without the services of a trustworthy and reliable Delivery Driver. At Jet’s Pizza, the Delivery Driver job is held in high esteem and hiring into that position is done with extra care. This is because the Delivery Driver is a representative of the company at the point of delivery. The Delivery Driver may also sometimes take orders from customers and relate such to the kitchen staff. Basically, the job of the Delivery Driver is to load pizzas and other such foods into the truck or bike and deliver same to the person who made the order outside the dining area.

Jet’s Pizza Delivery Driver Hourly Salary: $11

Jet’s Pizza Job Application Form Online

To work at Jet’s Pizza, reduce your search for employments to store locations by following this link: After locating the store you want, fill out this form:

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