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by Publishing Team on January 4, 2011

J&P Cycles Job Description

J&P Cycles has developed vastly for more than 30 years with the help and loyalty of their customers. Every year, J&P Cycles must see to it that they are able to produce one of the leading mail-order catalogs in the motorcycle parts business, the Harley-Davidson catalog. In addition to this, the company also produces Metric Cruiser, Sport Bike, and Vintage catalogs for the pleasure of motorcycle fanatics.

J&P Cycles Duties and Responsibilities

  • Customer Service Representative

The CSR duties include conversing with customers by telephone or personal conversation in a professional and polite manner; checks out records and enter customer information; processes sales orders for parts and accessories; processes catalog requests; responds to customer inquiries and carries out customer service; settle on and communicate prices for parts asked for; processes alteration of address information, order cancellations and changes and process returns; finishing any report that is essential to guarantee full and precise service and customer contentment; attending to objections and customer concerns, and bringing them to the notice of assigned superior for additional analysis and deliberation; resolutions customer service issues within a rational level of authority; demonstrates the skill to manage calls, and meet or go over customer needs and expectations; showing and understanding of the process of International customer orders; displaying growth of product and industrial knowledge as well utilization of the J&P; cycles catalog and web resources; and exhibiting suppleness in work program.

CSR Salary: $20,000.00-$30,000.00

  • Technical Support Associate

The Technical Support Associate explains to customer the specifications, parts and accessories offered through J&P Cycles catalog and other sellers; assisting customers with problems pertaining to fitment of parts purchased from J&P Cycles, and discovers appropriate J&P parts required for repairs or desired revision; dealing out or arranging answers to customer messages received through the Tech email port via the Internet; assisting in the renewing and preservation of catalog or web site part fitment information and other projects requiring Technical personnel; upholding and updating technical information of the latest parts, service updates, and accessories by evaluating industry periodicals and web sites; assisting supplementary technicians and sales personnel with projects and questions; providing technical support or guidance to non-technical sales personnel; speaking with customers through phone, email or in person in a professional & well-mannered; look up records and update customer information; processes sales orders for parts and accessories and catalog request; answers customer questions and deliver customer service; determines and communicates prices for parts requested; processes alteration of address information; processes order terminations and changes; other duties and responsibilities of a technical support associate are just the same with the customer service representative but are not limited to those; and other additional tasks can also be assigned by the superiors during work course.

Technical Support Associate Salary: $30,000.00- $50,000.00

J&P Cycles Job Application Form Online

J&P Cycles is currently welcoming new applicants for their successful company. If you are interested in any positions appropriate to your skills and knowledge, you may email your resume to [email protected] or visit this link for other job opportunities. http://jobs.jpcycles.com/Jobs/jobDetail.aspx?job=100

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