There Are Many Reasons You Should Consider Looking For Kaiser jobs

by admin on November 20, 2018

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Getting a fulfilling job is just about everyone’s mission and goal in life. Most if not all of us are looking for jobs that pay well, provide amazing benefits, and hopefully make an impact in the world. Most jobs usually only give you one or two items on your wish list, so it’s wonderful to find a company that offers all of that and more. Kaiser Permanente is just such a place. There are many reasons you should consider looking for Kaiser jobs at Kaiser Permanente.

The people who work there are passionate about what they do. Every single day, they head into the office ready to go, eager to provide the absolute best care possible to all of their customers. They’re known as the people who will go above and beyond to do the absolute best for their clients and patients. The company celebrates diversity and champions individual growth.

Co-workers work together. An atmosphere of inclusion is key towards promoting the company’s values and Goodwill. In fact, the company has received awards every year from DiversityInc praising the company’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. The company gets consistently high ratings on from employees regarding company atmosphere, salaries, and work environment. The people who work there are happy. How happy? Careerbliss listed the company as one of 2018’s Happiest Companies in America.

The company has 600 locations across the country, so there’s always room for growth no matter your position or division. People headed into Kaiser jobs are lucky because they’re heading into an environment few other companies can match.

What is Kaiser Permanente?

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Kaiser Permanente is the nation’s largest not-for-profit health plan. The company is based out of Oakland, California, and it has 12.2 million members. The company is split into several parts. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and its subsidiaries are the hospital portion of the company. This section is a collection of hospitals, clinics, nurses, doctors and everyone else connected to providing patients with stellar medical care. The Kaiser Foundation Health Plan portion of the company is the insurance plan provided by the company. Those two sections together form an integrated managed care consortium. For lack of a better term, Kaiser Permanente provides one-stop-shopping for all of your medical needs. The company provides the medical care to its customers, and the company provides the insurance benefits you’ll need to pay for that medical care.

Kaiser Jobs Available

The company has a team of over 200,000 people working across the United States. What this means for people looking for Kaiser jobs is that there are many different places they can move to grow their careers. They don’t have to stay for the rest of their lives in the offices where they were first hired unless they really want to.

Kaiser jobs are spread across many different departments. Some of those departments include: accounting and finance; clinical support; communications and public affairs; continuing care; dental support; imaging and radiology; insurance claims; nurse practitioner and physician’s assistant; pharmacy research and development; legal; behavioral health; social services; spiritual care, the list of possible Kaiser jobs seems endless.

Let’s say you’re into accounting and finance. You could look into becoming a patient financial service director, an audit project manager or a financial analyst, and these are just a few of the jobs available. If you’re interested in Behavioral Sciences. Kaiser Permanente has positions in this field ranging from a psychologist to social worker to behavioral health coordinator to hospice manager. You may not even know which direction you want to go in your career. Kaiser has entry-level positions that spread across all departments so you can ultimately find what interests you the most.

Kaiser Permanente jobs are available across the country, so when you do your search, narrow down your options down by city first. Next, you can choose job level, job schedule, and even the shift you’re interested in working. Levels range from internships to senior leadership-level positions. Schedule options vary from working full-time to other flexible schedule options like per diem, freelance or part-time. The sheer number of jobs available means that people from different educational and career backgrounds can find a place at Kaiser Permanente.

Use the job search function on Kaiser’s job site to see if there’s something there that appeals to you. In addition to searching for work directly on the company’s jobs website, you can also look for Kaiser jobs on career sites like, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor. If you see something you like, submit your app.

Perks of Employment

One of the biggest perks of working with Kaiser Permanente is the fact that you’re getting to work with an amazing group of people. As mentioned above, Kaiser Permanente employees are passionate about what they do. They’re focused on building their lives, helping the company grow, and working within their communities to make sure that its members receive the absolute best in healthcare support. There are many other reasons that people love workingat Kaiser Permanente.

Career Growth:

Your manager at Kaiser Permanente doesn’t just want you to stay in the same position forever. She wants you to reach your highest potential. To that end, she’ll work with you on something called an Individual Development Plan. This plan is intended to help you set your career goals, grow your job skills and move ahead in your career.


The company doesn’t just talk to talk-it walks the walk. They help you achieve, but we are both looking for they offering online classes as well as in-person classes new technology training, volunteer work to use the training that you’ve received so far, and stretch assignments.

Mentorship Program:

As mentioned,  your manager will encourage you and help guide you through your career growth, so essentially your manager is your first mentor. If you’d like to pursue a more dedicated mentor-mentee relationship, Kaiser Permanente can help you with that. Once you reach out to the company’s career development contacts, you’ll be paired with an official mentor who will work out a plan to help you achieve your goals. You’ll meet with your mentor on a regular basis so you can get career advice and raise any issues and concerns you may have as you continue your growth.

Tuition Reimbursement:

If you’re interested in Going back to college to get more skill, Kaiser Permanente offers tuition reimbursement. This is great news for people would like to further their educations but who are worried about tuition costs.

Generous Vacation, Leave, and Sick Leave Policy:

The exact benefits package will depend on your position, but across the board, it’s noted that Kaiser Permanente employees have extremely generous vacation and sick leave policies.

Ranked #2 Best Company for Pay and Benefits by Indeed:

In 2018, Kaiser Permanente was ranked number 2 on’s that’s company for pay and benefits list. It was the only Healthcare company to make the list.

Dependent Care and FSA Benefits:

The Company offers generous dependent care and FSA benefits. This is helpful for people with children or loved ones who depend on them for their care.

Work-life Balance:

Many employees love working at Kaiser Permanente because it is the epitome of the Work Hard Play Hard model. The company encourages and Rewards Card work, but it also understands that people have their life outside of work, but it’s just as important if not more so. Some people note they work from 9 to 5, and it 5 p.m. or able to leave and either go home or to the gym or go to see their family whatever they like.


People looking for Kaiser jobs can end up in positions that impact their lives in a positive way. Many job hunters are worried about the quality of life they’ll experience when they finally land new jobs. They want to make sure they’ll have enough time for their lives outside of work. At the same time, they want jobs that make them feel special, that make them feel like they’re contributing to society and that makes them feel like they’re making moves that are affecting lives in a positive way.

People looking for Kaiser jobs will find all of that. They’re getting a job with a company that truly believes in employee growth. More than just getting a job, they’re building a career in a company that fully support all of their dreams and endeavors. They’re working with a company that rewards good quality work with great pay and benefits. Instead of being in an environment where they’re left to their own devices, they’re in an environment where they’re being nurtured, encouraged, well compensated, and supported for moving onwards and upwards. People getting Kaiser jobs will work in a company that consistently receives high marks across the board when rated for employee happiness, benefits, and quality of life.

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