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by Publishing Team on January 14, 2011

Kellogg Company Job Description

An early morning cereal breakfast will surely kick your sleepy stupor to your day full of energy as Kellogg or more common as Kellogg’s deliver just right to your bowl. This food processing company is now the world’s leading manufacturer of corn flake cereals. It has been voted also by Forbes magazine 2009 as America’s Top Companies.

Kellogg Company Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Kellogg Company Sales Representative Job Description

A Kellogg Company Sales Representative is responsible in achieving high level of product sales through maximized distribution. She also represents the company by utilizing data sources to prepare and conduct effective, factual in-store presentations to store management. He or She also maintains an open communication channels between Kellogg Company’s Customer Business Managers and retail customers to best serve in developing a lasting customer relationships.

Kellogg Company Sales Representative Salary: $43,883

  • Kellogg Company Human Resource Intern Job Description

A Human Resource Inter at Kellogg Company has a wide range of duties and responsibilities. He or she checks monitors and coordinates various employee communication meetings and special events. He or she maintains petty cash and employee sales and reconciles accounts payable. He or she also administers and maintains all the files under the Human Resource department that includes filing and data entry. He or she also assists in the hiring process for all employees, orientation process, background investigations and scheduling a physical or test administration. An intern also is expected to prepare monthly reports and maintain Human Resource related bulletin board. He or she also administers security access system like issuing IDs, and changing access levels. As an intern at Human Resource one should be energetic enough to catch all the duties and responsibilities that might come at hand.

Kellogg Company Human Resource Intern Hourly Salary: $15.46/hr

  • Kellogg Company Sales Intern Job Description

A Sales Intern at world class company like Kellogg requires to have a strong computer skills and excellent verbal communication and presentation skills. As an intern one should monitor current in store pricing on Kellogg’s items. Analyze daily retail link or cipher. One should also contribute to weekly reporting processes and should know how to work on special assignments as needed.

Kellogg Company Human Resource Intern Hourly Salary: $14-16/hr

  • Kellogg Company Machine Operator Job Description

This type of job requires rigid training. He or she operates various types of machines and of different functions. He or she is expected also of the cleanliness of the workplace and the machine itself that he or she is operating. He or she is also the once responsible for minor trouble shooting on the machine he or she operates.

Kellogg Company Machine Operator Hourly Salary: $19-21/hr

  • Kellogg Company Food Tech Intern Job Description

As a Food Tech Intern at Kellogg, one should be able to introduce something innovative to the recipe or to manufacturing process of the products. He or she is tasked to create innovations in product preparations. He or she also selects raw materials and other ingredients from the suppliers. He or she also checks and improves the quality control procedures in the factories. And addresses issues of safety and quality. In the aspect of retailing, a food tech intern may be working with suppliers on quality issues and innovative product ideas. He or she should also learn to carry out process support and development and quality control.

Kellogg Company Food Tech Intern Hourly Salary: $22-24/hr

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