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by Publishing Team on November 10, 2010

Key Bank Job Descriptions

Key Bank masterfully combines a friendly work environment, a company with a stellar reputation, and the opportunity to grow and thrive, all under one roof. The values of teamwork, respect, accountability, integrity and leadership reflect the behaviors and principles Key Bank stand for as a company. Ensuring that employees learn and grow in their career is critical; as they provide a wide range of training and development programs to help employees develop professionally and personally. Key Bank provides targeted skill development opportunities designed to enable all employees to excel in their jobs and win with their clients. These plans include a variety of training activities, including web-based training, classroom training and self-paced learning activities. Key Bank’s objective is to position you to achieve your professional goals.

Key Bank Job Positions and Duties

  • Key Bank Banking Center Manager Job Description

The Banking Center Manager is responsible for overall customer satisfaction; Banking Center Managers spend a great deal of time with tellers, loan officers, and other employees to ensure all candidates are properly trained. It is important that these professionals have extensive customer service skills, because they must motivate all sales professionals and work with customers in order to increase public satisfaction.

Key Bank Banking Center Manager Salary: $102,000

  • Key Bank Policy/Procedure Analyst Job Description

Policy/Procedure Analyst is required at Key Bank to research and write reports relating to company policies, procedures, efficiency, and profitability. They analyze a number of policies, and recommend the changes necessary to increase overall company performance.

Key Bank Policy/Procedure Analyst Salary: $60,000

  • Key Bank Collections Specialist Job Description

To ensure payments are made in a timely manner at Key Bank, Collections Specialists are employed to monitor and maintain payment records. In the event that an account becomes delinquent, they must follow a number of procedures for working with clients to ensure all payments are received. They may be required to compose written communication, although the majority of correspondence is oral, and statistical reports must be utilized when reporting to supervisors.

Key Bank Collections Specialists Salary: $60,000

  • Key Bank Loss Specialist Job Description

To minimize the losses at Key Bank, Loss Specialists are employed to investigate policies and procedures and make necessary changes to current systems. They handle a number of duties to ensure that fraud, forgery, and many other activities do not take place within their facility. They isolate issues, and implement changes to solve any reoccurring issues. Interaction with legal agencies may be necessary in certain instances.

Key Bank Loss Specialist Salary: $60,000

  • Key Bank Trust Administrator Job Description

Key Bank Trust Administrator is required to work with multiple departments to fully complete transactions, but allow individuals to work with a single representative throughout the process. When individuals wish to set up trust funds, the officer handles the implementation of their accounts. He/she meets with clients, conduct necessary research, prepare reports, and compose numerous documents in order to properly complete the process.

Key Bank Trust Administrator Salary: $51,000

  • Key Bank Fraud Specialist Job Description

Key Bank Fraud Specialist is employed to handle all complaints of the unauthorized or unknown usage of client accounts; the Fraud Specialist carefully investigates all instances in order to come to proper conclusions. He/she also works with clients and, often times legal authorities, to ensure that all disputes are cleared in a timely manner to decrease the loss of a facility.

Key Bank Fraud Specialist Salary: $50,000

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