Kraft Foods

by Publishing Team on January 13, 2011

Kraft Foods Job Description

Kraft Foods is the second largest provider of healthy, nutritious, and delicious food items. Kraft foods is a company that is dedicated to helping the unfortunate people. With operations in over 150 countries, the company is continuing to look for responsible people as employees that are suited for the job.

Kraft Foods Job Positions and Duties

  • Kraft Foods Financial Analyst Job Description

A financial analyst deals with the companies money matters including monitoring balance sheets, tax financial plans, and cashflows. A financial analyst also assist in creating and developing financial plans. He/ she also determine the financial viability of proposals.

Kraft Foods Financial Analyst Salary: $65,890

  • Kraft foods Sales Associate Job Description

The Sales associate’s role include making the company known in the retail level and ensuring the sales increase. He/ she strives hard to sell products and monitor merchandise movement. The sales associate can become a sales representative.

Kraft Foods Sales Associate Salary: $35,000

  • Kraft Foods Sales Representative Job Description

A sales representative implements and makes activities that move towards the achievement of sales goals. He/ she also plans and strategize on how to increase the number of consumers. He/ she maintains healthy communication and strong interaction with the store personnels.

Kraft Foods Sales Representative Salary: $37,662

  • Kraft Foods Brand Manager

The brand manager acts as a leader to the overall brand team to achieve sales goal. He is also responsible with the team’s development as they acquire the skills and knowledge to function as expected and become more productive and profitable. The brand manager works to make the Brand name attract and be more trusted by the consumers.

Kraft Foods Brand Manager Salary: $115,273

  • Kraft Foods Associate Brand Manager Job Description

Under the Brand Managers supervision, the Associate Brand Manager leads a team that is cross- functional plan, execute, and analyze of various impacts and business response to the brand’s pricing, promotions, and packaging. Although supervised the Associate brand manager functions independently and exercise judgment and initiative to improve the brand.

Kraft Foods Associate Brand Manager Salary: $94,071

Kraft Foods Job Application Form Online

Kraft Foods has a lot to offer. You check it out and find more info about the company.

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