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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

K&W Cafeteria Job Description

For food that is good for the soul, this is the cafeteria you need to eat from. It is a different cafeteria, now that all the food items are made from scratch. The management has the experience of more than 70 years in the market and during this time it has spread its tentacles to both North and South Carolina and two other states. K&W Cafeteria gives you fresh food and the menu features more than 100 food items. For those who are conscious of what they eat, there is a new range of foods made just for you.

K&W Cafeteria Job Positions and Duties

  • K&W Cafeteria Cashier Job Description

For any person wanting a job as a cashier in this chain of restaurants, he/she should be prepared to work under tight schedules. Delivering on one’s skills is a must and one is expected to have sufficient PR skills to be able to answer all the questions the customers may have. One has to have good math skills and be presentable. The cashier has to be accountable and have a clean employment record as any it implies that one can be relied upon. One needs to be very fast in computing so as to deliver exactly what the customers expect.

K&W Cafeteria cashier’s salary: $13.02 per hour

  • K&W Cafeteria Cook Job Description

This chain of restaurants has one of the most varied menus that will remind you of your mum’s cooking. Freshly prepared from scratch chicken pie, fried chicken, green beans, cheesy, steamed broccoli ,marshmallows, Jalapeno cornbread, rolls, muffins are some of the main courses, greens and breads on the menu, all of which the cook needs to be able to prepare with expertise. One has to have the experience of at least two years and most importantly be healthy. One is charged with the duty of maintaining cleanliness in their work as well and maintaining an inventory of kitchen items.

K&W Cafeteria cook’s salary: $13 per hour

  • K&W Cafeteria Shift Manager Job Description

These are some of the most needed professionals in this industry and without their services it will be all chaos in any restaurant. Most restaurants work in shifts and they are expected to deliver foods on time. To make sure the maximum results are gotten from all the shifts, the management employs a shift manager. The work of the shift manager is to make sure everyone is in his assigned spot and doing everything he is supposed to do. In the event of understaffing and emergencies, he has the power to reorganize everyone to work with the speed they are supposed to be working.

K&W Cafeteria shift manager’s salary: $9 to 13 per hour

  • K&W Cafeteria Store Manager Job Description

The store manager will ensure that all the persons working under him/her are accountable. Other tasks are to ensure there is a smooth inflow and outflow of store items all day and to make sure all the sections of the restaurant are well catered for in terms of supplies. He is charged with the responsibility of spending money within the means of the restaurant business and ensuring there is maximum profitability. The store manager has to keep all the records and make sure the external suppliers are well informed of the dates and times they need to deliver needed items.

K&W Cafeteria store manager’s salary: $12-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

There are other positions being advertised and for anyone who wants to become part of this large family, all you have to do is visit the official website. From here you can find out if the nearest K&W Cafeteria has something to offer you. Floor managers, overall managers, accountants and trainee managers are just some of the professionals needed in this chain of restaurants. Once employed, one will have to go through a trainee management program for sometime. The benefits of working for this chain of restaurants are immense and promotion opportunities are offered to all the employees, whether full or part time.

K&W Cafeteria Job Application Form Online

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