Lakeshore Learning Materials

by Publishing Team on January 3, 2011

Lakeshore Learning Materials Job Description

Lakeshore Learning Materials is known for creating and distributing educational materials for early schooling setting and primary courses. A multiple feed distributor with a committed sales division, bonus catalogs, websites and more than 50 retail spots all over the country. Lakeshore Learning Materials is a multimillion-dollar company that has practiced nonstop development ever since its foundation in 1954.

Lakeshore Learning Materials Duties and Responsibilities

  • Illustrator

Lakeshore Learning Materials is in search of freelance illustrators to create ground-breaking designs and illustrations for the company. You must be able to obtain direction and convert multifaceted information into helpful visual solution both on time and within financial plan. Aside from possessing a selection of illustrative methods and techniques, you must be able to rough draft a blue line and translate sketches into vector artwork. You will typically determine the medium and methods needed to generate the preferred artwork and then make use of orthographic, isometric and schematic techniques, as well as perspective. As an illustrator, you will correspond with customers through all stages of the illustration procedure and construct essential changes. You may be required to work on quite a lot of projects at once, as well as meet strict cut-off dates.

Illustrators Salary: $30,000.00-$50,000.00

  • Marketing Project Manager

Lakeshore Learning Materials is in search of Marketing Project Manager to craft and put into practice the marketing initiatives. You will study market, opponent and customer information in order to suggest strong business recommendations. You will have a say to the ideas and expansion of marketing tactic and plans. You must apply your working familiarity of Social Media and Mobile Marketing Promotions manage numerous projects with various timelines. You shall synchronize and provide direction to creative departments. You will be in charge in tracking and analyzing the usefulness of projects guarantee ROI. You must talk among all parts of the business for all marketing initiatives. And you must run all details of meeting execution which includes booth design, print and signage support and communication to the on site staff.

Marketing Project Manager Salary: $40,000.00-$70,000.00

  • Director of Stores

Lakeshore Learning Materials is in search of Director for the store to present global, strategic leadership in planning and exceeding sales goals. You must take action as a vacant resource for and speak daily with the District Sales Managers .You must provide organization support through planned onsite store visits. You shall value and treat reasonably all staffs and corporate partners. You must start pertinent customer service programs and supervise on a daily basis the customer’s dealings to bring exceptional service. You must mediate with the corporate office to converse oral and written commands involving employees’ incentives, promotions and store events. You should also set obvious outlooks for all staff and oversee the training and development of District Sales Managers and Store Managers.

Director of Store Salary: $50,000.00-$90,000.00

How to be part of Lakeshore Learning Material

Visit this link and answer their online application form.;jsessionid=NQ5G8Plv6GRyYnGqytTr8yT9kzJTJ3pcvmhncS50RnFsd6ly8v7h!-157000864!-1764185615?ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=1408474395181113&bmUID=1292908964176

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