LCRA Job Description

In November 1934, the Texas Legislature established The Lower Colorado River Authority or LCRA as a charitable communal utility that aims to defend people, possessions and the milieu through public services provisions for more than one million people in Central and Southeast Texas. The provisions they offer involves electricity, water, flood management, water and wastewater efficacies, public parks along the Highland Lakes and lower Colorado River, and municipal and monetary expansion amenities to rustic and peripheral societies.

LCRA Job Positions and Duties

A Park naturalist demeanors programs to teach park visitors about national, state, or local parks. He or she expands historical, natural, and scientific features of natural areas. He/she brings clients on nature walks, plan camping trips, teach classes on crafts or outdoor skills, and visit local classrooms to teach children and adults about the outdoors.

LCRA Park Naturalist Job Hourly Salary: $11/hour

A High voltage electrician is an expert in the conservation of above, underground, power plants and other central electrical systems. He/she has a broad intellect of maintaining electrical systems with charges above 600 volts. He/she plays an important role in any city and state because electricity is necessary to maintain our underground transportation systems, and other large infrastructures.

LCRA High Voltage Electrician Job Salary: $69,000

A park ranger imparts to people how to show reverence in the delicate natural balance of our national and state parks and forests. He or she defends certain areas by imposing park rules and regulations, preventing forest fires, helping to maintain an ecological balance, and seeing that visitors plan campsites wisely. He or she offers information about park use and points of interest, issue fire permits, and collect fees.

LCRA Ranger Job Salary: $44,000

A Project Analyst organizes internal and external reports through gathering, analyzing and summarizing data and information from the departments. He/she prepares presentation materials for management reports. He/she guarantees that the program expenses are charged correctly.

LCRA Project Analyst Job Salary: $57,000

A Strategic Analyst conserves the tolerable process and databases for gathering economical, building sector and cement macro-and micro-knowledge, follow-up, analyses, diffusion and competitive intelligence. He or she generates conversant and timely dossiers with options for the ad-hoc projects and requests needed by the immediate management. He/she is assigned to assure the quality and standards and promote the strategic planning process. To seek the input, collaboration and information of all the functions involved in the key functions of the Strategic Planning.

LCRA Strategic Analyst Job Salary: $79,000

An Energy Risk Analyst offers logical sustenance to the any energy businesses thereof. He or she generates and upholds databases used to assess energy markets, the potential impact of climate change requirements and other issues. He/she supports in preparing charts and graphs generated using Excel.

LCRA Energy Risk Analyst Job Salary: $100,000

An Engineering Associate is accountable for the execution of routine in engineering works and for occasionally handling minor engineering projects. He/she assists in various phases of major projects. He/she controls any job functions, additional responsibilities, and education and experience requirements in the field of engineering.

LCRA Engineering Associate Job Salary: $64,000

A Software Developer construes printed corporate requirements and technical specification documents. He/she achieves coding to written practical specifications. He/she explores, examines and record reported defects.

LCRA Software Developer Job Salary: $88,000

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