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by Publishing Team on October 22, 2010

Ledo Pizza Job Description

Ledo Pizza is probably one of the oldest chains of restaurants in the United States making and serving the delicious pizza. It has been serving the best pizzas to the people of Annapolis since 1955. The restaurant was famous for giving a new style of pizza with a rectangular shape. Besides the pizza, Ledo Pizza restaurants also serve a wide variety of Italian salads, soup, spaghetti’s and breadsticks. This restaurant is highly efficient for all the employees working there. One can get the best training, and the friendliest atmosphere of working in this restaurant. The flexible hour of working also makes this restaurant sought after among the employees and working section.

Abuelo’s Job Positions and Duties

  • Ledo Pizza Restaurant Manager Job Description

The main responsibility of a restaurant manager in Ledo Pizza is to provide the best customer service. His/her main motive will be to provide the service in a professional as well as friendly manner so that the customer is satisfied and carries a good impression about the restaurant. A restaurant manager has to know the art of dealing with different type of customers. The manager must have enough patience and tolerance to deal with different customer. Besides these, the restaurant manager has to take care of the overall management of the restaurant including employee relation, food and pricing.

The yearly salary of a Ledo Pizza Restaurant Manager is around $40,000

  • Ledo Pizza cooks job description

For any restaurant business, the role and responsibility of the cook is very important as it is the taste and quality of food on which the restaurant works. No special training or skill is required to be a cook in Ledo Pizza. The only thing which is required is to know the art of making pizza and also the basics of cleaning the work area so that proper hygiene is maintained. A cook should also know the technique of operating and handling different equipment which are used for preparing the food. To check and maintain the required quality and quantity of the food is also the basic responsibility of a cook.

The yearly salary of Ledo Pizza Cook: $30,000

  • Ledo Pizza Cashier Job Description

Besides taking and giving orders, the cashier at Ledo Pizza takes care of the satisfaction and the experience level of the customer. The main duties are to give and take the bill from the customer and accept the payment. The cashier is responsible for all the cash transactions in the cash register and the cash box. In order to be a cashier in Ledo Pizza, one must have adequate knowledge of accounts and various other instruments like credit cards. Good knowledge on math is also a pre-requisite for a cashier. Ledo Pizza Company gives adequate training to the prospective candidates. The cashier also looks after the satisfaction of the customers and answers their queries related to the food and bill.

The year salary of a Ledo Pizza Cashier is:-$19000

  • Ledo Pizza General Manager Job Description

The General Manager’s job at Ledo Pizza is mainly about managing the entire restaurant and to take care of the food and services it provides to its customers. The manager is responsible for the overall working of the restaurant including the kitchen. Hiring proper cook and waiters is also the duty of a General Manger. In order to become a General Manger in Ledo Pizza, one need not have special experience in food & beverages, but he or she must be competent to learn and manage the entire working atmosphere of the restaurant. Scheduling the time and food ordering also comes under the duty of the manager. The managerial work at this restaurant is more or less equivalent to the job of an owner.

The yearly salary of Ledo Pizza manager is :-$46,000

Ledo Pizza Job Application Form Online

Besides the above mentioned jobs, the Ledo Pizza also hires employees for various other jobs. The Job Description and employment opportunity can be well read in the restaurant’s website http://www.ledopizza.com. You can download the application form from the link http://www.ledopizza.com/employment.cfm. You can fill the form after downloading it.

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