Legal Sea Foods

by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Legal Sea Foods Job Description

Legal Sea Foods chain of restaurants is known for their fresh fish, specialty seafood, fresh salads, mouth watering desserts, and most of all, its highly efficient and friendly employees. The restaurants encourage the employees to succeed so they can be promoted into management. Beverage and food classes are offered all the time so everyone is knowledgeable at all times.

  • Legal Sea Foods Server Job Description

As a server he or she will greet customers as they are seated, take the customers orders, serve beverages and food in a timely manner, and assist customers with any problems. Servers will need to know the menu and what the daily specials are so it can be relayed to the customers. The server will check back on the customers often to make sure they do not need anything. Servers will collect the money from the customers, give money and ticket to the cashier, and return the receipt back to the customer. The working conditions are fast paced so the servers will have to be quick while being careful so they do not bump in others which could cause an accident. Servers are encouraged to take the beverage and food classes that are offered so they can stay on top of things at all times.

Legal Sea Foods Server Salary: $23,833

  • Legal Sea Foods Sous Chef Job Description

As a Sous Chef he or she will know everything on the menu, know about all recipe changes and make sure they are being used, make daily specials before restaurant opens and make the staff aware of what the special is, food production will be managed closely, instructions and technical training will be carried out with the BOH Team, in charge of presenting all menu items that are new and clarifying the staff understands all about the new menu item, will meet with all staff members when going over any pre-meal wine recommendations, will make sure all standards on sanitation and safety are being upheld at all times, will make sure BOH functions are running smoothly and within the standards of Legal Sea Foods.

Legal Sea Foods Sous Chef Hourly Salary: $14

  • Legal Sea Foods Restaurant Manager Job Description

Managerial jobs at Legal Sea Foods include responsibilities such as opening the restaurant each morning and closing it down each night. A manager will have a staff that they will be in charge of. They will have to make sure there is good guest relations, all quality controls are being met, all safety regulations are followed, quality is being maintained at all times, restaurant is clean on the inside and outside, and will be required to order and maintain supplies for the restaurant. A manger will have to be able to solve all problems as they arise.

Legal Sea Foods Restaurant Manager Salary: $73,000

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Legal Sea Foods include being an assistant general manager. Their main job description is to hire and train new employees. An assistant general manager will make the schedule for the staff, make sure there is enough staff on the floor in order to handle all the customers, handle all reports daily and weekly, doing audits daily on all cash drawers and the safe, strictly enforce all standards on safety and sanitation.

Legal Sea Foods Job Application Form Online

Legal Sea Foods official website allows users to browse for different job positions that are available in their area. The website link provides a database for every available job position.

At applicants can easily look and apply for the job they desire as long as they meet the necessary qualifications.

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