Lenny’s Sub Shop

by Publishing Team on October 22, 2010

Lenny’s Sub Shop Job Description

Lenny’s Sub Shop is a chain of restaurants that started in Philadelphia. The restaurant has its headquarters at Memphis, Tennessee but it has locations across the United States. The restaurant serves a delicious variety of cheese steaks and submarine sandwiches. The founders and executives of Lenny’s Sub Shop believe that employees are the key ingredients of the organization and the food comes after that. This restaurant claims that the career opportunity at Lenny’s Sub Shop is hotter that its Philly Cheese steaks. Thus, getting an employment here is like climbing the stairs of success. At Lenny’s Sub Shop, the employees are given adequate training and motivation so that they become the key instrument in the development of the company through their services.

Lenny’s Sub Shop Job Positions and Duties

  • Lenny’s Sub Shop General Manager Job Description

At Lenny’s Sub Shop, the General Manager has to oversee the overall functioning of the restaurants and must make sure that the restaurant is working with profit. The manager is the person who manages all the functions of the restaurant including the kitchen area and the chefs. Along with the leadership quality and good organizational skill, the general managers should also have adequate knowledge on accounts and banking. The General Manager does all kinds of administrative work. The working area of the managers is very stressful and they have to remain standing on their feet for longer period of time. They should know the art of handling the customers and also the employees.

Hourly salary of General Manager at Lenny’s Sub Shop:$15.50

  • Lenny’s Sub Shop Sandwich Maker Job Description

Lenny’s Sub Shop is mainly famous for sandwich and bread steaks; hence the job profile which is required for a cook is that he should be good at making sandwiches. There are other items which are also available at Lenny’s Sub Shop, for which different cooks are required, but sandwich maker is an important person in the kitchen here. The sandwich maker must know the method of preparing and presenting different variety of sandwiches. Besides this he or she must also know the art of cleaning and sanitizing the cooking area. The sandwich maker will also be responsible for adding other items in the menu and evaluating it from time to time. It is on the working of the cook and chefs that the restaurant business is entirely depended upon.

Hourly salary of Sandwich Maker at Lenny’s Sub Shop:$12.24

  • Lenny’s Sub Shop Shift Leader Job Description

The shift manager here takes the brunt of the customers’ complaint. He is responsible for assigning the duties to different other junior employees and ensure that the customers are satisfied with the product and services of the restaurant. The shift leader must have a strong professional mannerism as he or she is responsible for a team of staff including the restaurant staff and the kitchen staff. Moreover they must also possess good time management skills. Whether the restaurant is maintaining the company’s norms and standards or not is the entire responsibility of the shift manger to look after. But his main works lies in team formations and distributing the work.

Hourly salary of Shift Leader at Lenny’s Sub Shop:$19.50

  • Some other Job Opportunities

Besides the above mentioned jobs, some other job opportunity at Lenny’s Sub Shop includes the trainer. Trainer is responsible for imparting training to the staffs of different department regarding their work and responsibilities. The trainer gives the instructions to the workers on how to work efficiently in order to increase the reputation and profit of the company.

Lenny’s Sub Shop Job Application Form Online

The detailed job and career opportunity information which are available at Lenny’s Sub Shop is easily available at the link http://www.lennys.com/section.cfm?section=career.

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