Levenger Co.

by Publishing Team on December 23, 2010

Levenger Co. Job Description

Levenger Co. is a company that provides helpful, valuable and stunning products that aids people to accomplish their goals and complete their desires. These products are intended for devoted bookworms and products are designed for comprehension, text and running with ideas. If you want to shop for Levenger products, you can find their retail stores in Boca Raton, Boston, Chicago and Washington, through their full-color catalog and on Levenger.com. Their design center is located in Florida and their circulation center and customer service department are in Memphis.

Levenger Co. Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Internet Marketing Coordinator

You will be assigned in Delray Beach. Your first duty is the carrying out of website substance preservation and web production in a catalog to prop up with marketing and company approach. You are required to have working understanding of website construction and functionality, most excellent practices, web analytics, web tools, and website merchandising. You must apply your knowledge on internet functionality and technology as well as website content repairs, copy and on-site hunt optimization. You should also apply user generated content, Paid search and SEO/SEM. You are obliged to report to the internet marketing manager every now and then. You must effectively put into practice the Company’s marketing tactic mainly in new media settings. You must have adequate tactical preparation such as corporate positioning, advertise and competitive analysis. You should be able to supervise marketing communications including branding, promoting, email crusades, buy and sell shows, discussion groups and proceedings security materials. You as well is ought to keep an eye on the company’s web existence including commercial sites, public media sites and blogs on Facebook and Twitter. You also increase and follow metrics and winner criteria for each and every marketing programs and activities. Planning, test marketing by means of social media and online viral channels is your main concern. You must observe and gauge social media presentation to optimize commitment. You also direct messaging, blog posts and social media division. You will be working with associate marketers, designers and engineers to carry out wide ranging marketing strategy with strong social media factor.

Internet Marketing Coordinator Salary: $30,000.00-$45,000.00

  • Inventory Planning and Analysis Manager

You will be assigned in Delray Beach. You will labor directly with the merchandising and purchasing teams to guarantee observance with the purchasing plan. You will match hard works with the accounting to make sure that inventory and purchase plan line up with monetary budgets and forecasts. You must be ready to analyze inventory proceeds and sales projections to establish reorder thresholds. In Addition, you will put into practice and direct proper procedure controls over inventory planning and purchasing. You must once in a while discuss inventory supplier pricing and terms, and uphold open-to-buy monitoring tool. You should keep on measuring the Company’s inventory performance in opposition to plan, and perform analysis to gather records for thorough reporting and proposing to management team are other tasks.

Inventory Planning and Analysis Manager Salary: $35,000.00-$60,000.00

Levenger Co. Job Application Form Online

You may send your resume to [email protected] or check out their website at www.levenger.com.

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