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by Publishing Team on January 28, 2011

Lloyd’s TSB Job Description

After having acquired the HOBS plc Lloyd TBs Group has been renamed Lloyd’s Banking Groups on January of 2009 and being so the company became the largest retail bank in UK with a number of leading market positions. With a goal of becoming the best financial services provider in UK Lloyd’s Banking Groups must build on the basis of reputation and recommendation its leadership position.

Lloyd’s TSB Positions and Duties

  • Lloyd’s TSB Personal Banking Manager Job Description

The Personal Banking Manager must be able to deal with various customers in a professional and non threatening way in a busy environment. He/she must be good in communicating with clients to understand their concerns and provide them with what they need. The Personal Banking manager must be organized and manage time wisely to finish all the work that needs to be done. He/she also has a role in motivating team members to work for the success of their bank branch because with their branch’ success also lies their success.

Lloyd’s TSB Personal Banking Manager Annual Salary Range: £16, 500-23,000

  • Lloyd’s TSB Telephone Banking Advisor Job Description

The Telephone Banking Advisor will be tasked to answer telephone queries of bank clients. It is important for this position to be courteous and professional at all times in answering telephone concerns. The Telephone Banking Advisor must be able to understand the client concerns to provide accurate and immediate answers to them. They are also tasked to introduce to clients new bank products and offers and be able to describe the benefits and the cost of such bank offers.

Lloyd’s TSB Telephone Banking Advisor Annual Salary Range: £13, 329-20,546

  • Lloyd’s Service Advisor Job Description

The Service Advisor takes a big role in making a wonderful first impression to the customers. The Service Advisor is the first point of contact of customers. It is not enough that they possess a pleasant and courteous attitude in answering phone calls but also to be able to understand and get to the heart of the customer’s concerns and find the best ways to address customer concerns. The Service Advisor must not only build a good relationship with the customers but with colleagues as well to potentiate collaborations and make a positive and good output.

Lloyd’s TSB Service Advisor Annual Salary: £14, 000

  • Lloyd’s TSB Mortgage Advisor Job Description

A Mortgage Advisor is the front line in providing customers with a comprehensive mortgage sales and product referral service. He/she must provide a high quality of compliant service to clients both existing and prospective. He/she is responsible in providing knowledgeable and credible advices to clients regarding mortgages and general insurance. He/she must work to meet customer needs and achieve performance goal at the same time.

Lloyd’s TSB Mortgage Advisor Annual Salary: £20, 000- £24, 000

  • Lloyd’s TSB Customer Assistant Job Description

A Customer Assistant is responsible for giving customer’s great and superior service that they deserve. A Customer Assistant tries to find out how much more the company could do for the customers by personally interacting with the customers which may include simply answering customer questions and processing their transaction. A Customer Assistant must be enthusiastic in building good relationships with the customer and helping the branch become the best.

Lloyd’s TSB Customer Assistant Annual Salary: £12, 500- £14, 500

Lloyd’s TSB Job Application Form Online

If you are capable and qualified to work in Lloyd’s Banking Groups you can check their site for job opportunities that just might be right for you. http://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com/careers.asp

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