LSP (Louisiana State Police)

by Publishing Team on May 2, 2011

LSP Job Description

Louisiana State Police is an organization having an incredibly abundant history. Our slogan, “Courtesy, Loyalty, Service,” provides us path and determination. As the men and women of the organizational plan we have to reflect on the heritage as well as by those that beat all us. When the Louisiana Legislative assembly handed expenses in 1936 creating the State Police, few experts might have expected the confidence this company might enjoy in Louisiana as well as across the nation. Louisiana State Police has emerged from your freeway percentage in 1922 with a pressure associated with 16 men patrolling the roads on motorcycles to be able to achieve its present position of your express police of 1022 people in charge of all components of felony and interstate security prohibition in the state.

LSP Duties and Responsibilities


This positions function at work includes: to serve as a trainee conducting rhetorical analysis of data obtained with criminal offense displays sent in regarding criminalistic analysis; or serve as a student within doing examination regarding biological trials obtained from offense scenes sent in of DNA identification; or to work as trainee in conducting evaluation regarding charged offender as well as arrestees organic samples submission of DNA identification and to work on the Combined DNA Indexing System (CODIS). The criminalistic functions are usually: performs medical tests involving drugs, toxicology samples, blood, guns, find evidence, as well as offensive scenes investigations. Prepares briefs of investigation about proof and confirms a witness in state and government courts; offers depositions. Photographs physical proof at crime moments and/or proof acquired in the clinic employing special photographic equipment; disseminates info on evidentiary related subjects to law enforcement companies, courts, and legal groups. Processes proof for latent fingerprints. Help in rhetorical autopsies; and works on chemical reagents. Prepares blood vessels alcohol skills trials and certifies analysis. Extracts drugs and/or toxic compounds from blood, pee, or any other body tissues; works quantitative studies. The rhetorical and CODIS DNA operation is to: operate the Mixed DNA Indexing Program (CODIS); analyzes organic examples along with familiarity with DNA examination including remoteness, recognition as well as innate characterization associated with body fluids. Collects and keeps proof of future evaluation. Identifies fundamental issues, accumulates information as well as determines facts, translates findings, and pulls valid conclusions with technological analysis. Communicates along with and offers practicing police force companies, prosecutors, faculty, staff, and program staff; as well as prepares reagents and options.

Salary: $65,000

  • Police Officer 2

Applicant should be Post Certified and have stable evidence of qualification to software on distribution and must 18 years and above. A job candidate who has already been convicted of a felony or who’s beneath bill of indictment on the legal demand is going to be ineligible until relief from the disabilities added simply by express and government laws are actually given; must have a very appropriate Louisiana driver’s license at time of application; and may be asked if in possession of a firearm.

Salary: $40,000

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