Luggage Online Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 11, 2011

Luggage Online Inc. Job Description

Luggage Online is the Internet distribution of a well-known and valued luggage retailer created in 1927 in Greater Philadelphia. Luggage Online offers an extensive selection of brands and thousands of products such as travel bags and accessories at the exact cost and all set for direct and instant delivery.

Luggage Online Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Vendor Manager / Buyer

A vendor manager/buyer is the key player when it comes to communications with its dealers of hardware, software, and services. The vendor manager/buyer is the individual that provides product and service purchasing supervision for the department. Though not automatically restricted to these items, everyday tasks consist of assessing a possible provider’s standing, assets and skill as well as helping with discussions and agreements. A significant feature of the vendor manager/buyer role is to guarantee that purchases support the company’s business objectives. Such buying judgments need to be done with as modest partiality as is in any way possible thus abolishing the disturbing attachment some in the senior ranks usually develop for particular brands. In addition, the vendor manager/buyer is conscious of company rules for how to transact with suppliers, as well as with authorized and contractual most excellent practices. As a vendor manager/buyer you’re going to be accountable for bargaining the best value for third party services and vendors.

Vendor Manager/Buyer Salary: $100.000.00

  • Sales Lead

Sales lead is in charge for performing every duties of a sales employee, such as answering customer issues, stocking shelves, arranging displays, buzzing up products on the cash record and cleaning. The sales lead also accomplish a lot of managerial tasks such as conveying duties to other personnel members, providing positive criticism on the subject of work performance of the sales lead and is frequently the employee that customers are referred to when there is a difficulty that a different sales employee cannot deal with. The sales lead also participates in a large role in guiding new employees on how to complete duties. The sales lead executes a great deal of the managerial work such as taking register and performing paperwork. When the store runs inadequate on supplies, the sales lead often has the power to send sales employees to acquire more supplies. The sales lead will as well act as a connection between the sales associates and management. In several cases, the sales lead position will be considered element of management because this member of staff will have more duties and authority than the other sales associates. The sales lead will get additional hours and is more probable to work around the clock than other sales associates.

Sales Lead Salary: $10.00 per hour

  • Product Marketing Manager

The product marketing manager examines the findings and employs this information to better meet the needs of customers. The product marketing manager will operate the marketing and promotional efforts of the company together with inner or outer promotional teams. The product marketing manager will expand innovative marketing plans to endorse the company’s products, services or figure. The product marketing manager will oversee the projects and every day activities of the marketing personnel, such as marketing coordinators, and direct the hiring, training and performance assessment of their team.

Product Marketing Manager Salary: $100,000.00

Luggage Online Inc. Job Application Form Online

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