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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Marco’s Pizza Job Description

This is one of the many pizza chains of restaurants in the US. ‘Starting small and thinking big’ was in the mind of Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco when he moved from Italy to the US as a child. Working with his father, he was able to learn from experience and move out to begin his chain of restaurants. The chain, which is known as Marco’s Pizza now has more than 200 restaurants of its kind in the US and several outside the US. It is still growing and has increased the number of pizzas in its menu to satisfy clients. This is a franchise that is one of the fastest growing in the US.

Marco’s Pizza Job Positions and Duties

  • Marco’s Pizza Cashier Job Description

The cashier operates the cash register and responds to the phone every time there is an order. The cashier will take the order and make sure they are delivered to the address. The cashier is also supposed to answer questions posed by clients as professionally as possible. One may be asked personally or even online. On the official site the cashier will inform the customers of new developments. She will keep all the paperwork needed to account for the cash that comes through the cash register.

Marco’s Pizza cashier’s salary: $10 per hour 24

  • Marco’s Pizza Cook Job Description

The cook makes a list of all the items needed in the kitchen and makes sure all are supplied in time. He has to make sure the orders are made in time. The cook understands that he has to have some PR skills and use them to answer the customers as professionally as possible. The cook has to keep the kitchen clean and participate in training new kitchen staff. One has to make sure all the foods are well served and the cooks are working in their shifts well. The dishes have to be washed well and the cook is there to make sure they are.

Marco’s Pizza cook’s salary: $12 per hour

  • Marco’s Pizza Shift Manager Job Description

The manager works by the philosophy of the employer, making sure everyone is working as expected. The shift manager normally manages a shift of 8 hours and so he has to liaise with other shift managers to make sure everything runs smoothly. This manager makes sure that the food served is high quality and solves the complaints of disgruntled customers efficiently. The shift manager recommends the hiring and firing of deserving employees and helps in the training of new employees who need to be integrated into the job.

Marco’s Pizza shift manager’s salary: $20 per hour

  • Marco’s Pizza Store Manager Job Description

The store manager has to train all the staff who work under him and make sure each one is performing to the expectations of the company. The store manager has the skills in management and all the skills have to be displayed when working. This means that he has to supervise the work of his juniors and look at the records to keep everything running well. In the event that the company needs extra store staff, he will recommend the person to be hired.

Marco’s Pizza store manager’s salary: $12-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

The management will need some extra staff every now and then and all of these will be advertised. In case you want to become a driver, part of the management or a crew member, all you have to do is visit the official site and specify which among the many positions on offer you want. Everything will depend on which among the many Marco’s Pizza chain of restaurants is in need of new staff.

Marco’s Pizza Job Application Form Online

If you want to join the team and become part of the management in Marco’s Pizza, the form to fill is in this link
More details about Marco’s Pizza can be found in this link

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