Mattel Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 24, 2011

Mattel Inc. Job Description

Mattel Inc. is a publicly traded toy and games manufacturer headquartered in El Segundo, California. Founded in 1945 by Harold Matson and Elliot Handler where the company name Mattel was derived. Today, the company is the largest manufacturer of toys and games in terms of revenue employing around 31,000 people and counting. The company’s well known and all popular toys include Barbie Dolls, Matchbox Cars and Hot Wheels, Master of the Universe, American Girl Dolls and board games.

Mattel Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Mattel Customer Service Representative Job Description

A Customer Care Representative serves as the bridge between the company and the customers by taking the customer’s queries and questions regarding the company and the products. He or she is tasked to maintain sound company-customer relationship by providing the inquiring customers a superior quality of service. He or she must make the customers feel they are the top priority and thus be served well of any queries.

Mattel Customer Service Representative Job Hourly Salary: $11.55/hour

  • Mattel Financial Analyst Job Description

A Financial Analyst is the one analyzing the financial data of the company to products forecasts and predictions of the economic conditions, industry and market share of the business. Financial Analyst also assemble spreadsheets and plot charts and graphs to illustrate technical reports of the company’s financial aspect. He or she then interprets the data affecting investment programs like returns, stability, future trending, risks, economic market shifts and price.

Mattel Financial Analyst Job Salary: $54,861

  • Mattel Key Account Coordinator Job Description

Key Account Coordinator is the one holding the database of the employees, trainees and interns. He or she also evaluates the intern’s and new employee’s performance. One of their key responsibilities is to set up coordination meetings. He or she also attends seminars for staff training and performs clerical and paper works.

Mattel Key Account Coordinator Job Salary: $30,000

  • Mattel Intern Job Description

As an intern, he or she expected to carry out administrative tasks usually in the offices of various departments assigned. He or she serves as an assistant of a senior employee or a professional. He or she does clerical and paper works this may include photocopying, filing papers, answering phone calls, faxing and other operational activities in the office area.

Mattel Intern Job Hourly Salary: $16/hour

  • Mattel Licensing Associate Job Description

A Licensing Associate is responsible in researching new concepts for new products. He or she must also possess of sound creativity skills. He or she also works with the creative design team to fully maximize the work of creating unique products in the market. And with unique products, one should be incorporated with licensing terms. He or she assists in the incorporation of licensing terms for a new product and make a copy right or trade mark license.

Mattel Licensing Associate Job Salary: $62,000

  • Mattel Associate Designer Job Description

Mattel Inc., is a toy manufacturing company and need people who are capable of high creative thinking. The main responsibility of an Associate Designer is to conceptualize designs for products. He or she may innovate or improve and existing design of a particular product. He or evaluates the safety, durability, outlook, and other considerations. He or she may work with a team to conceptualize an idea for a particular product.

Mattel Associate Designer Job Salary: $63,000

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