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Mazzio’s Job Description

It seems each culture has a line of restaurants. Mazzio’s is here to offer Italians a taste of home, with some of the most varied recipes in the world. This is a large chain of restaurants with delivery and drive-through services for its clients. Offering Italian Pizzas and other recipes, this chain of restaurants is one of the best Italian eateries in the US. Fast service and top-quality defines Mazzio’s. It also has some of the friendliest employees, who will greet you with a smile and provide good service. If you are interested in working for Mazzio’s, here are some of the jobs available.

Mazzio’s Job Positions and Duties

  • Mazzio’s Cashier Job Description

This is one of the most needed professionals in the restaurant business. He is supposed to have an excellent accountability record to be hired, since he will be dealing with the cash from the customers of the establishment. The cashier is supposed to be ready to serve customers when the situation calls for it. He needs to be flexible, accountable and presentable. He needs to be fast when computing and be ready to answer customers as politely as possible. He needs to give an accurate report of everything at the end of each working day.

Mazzio’s cashier’s salary: $12 to $13 per hour

  • Mazzio’s Cook Job Description

It is natural to expect that a cook has to cook well. The experience of at least 2 years in needed before one is made a cook at Mazzio’s. A cook needs to have the skills of cooking. The work of a cook in a restaurant is to supervise the cooking and make sure all the needed ingredients are in good supply. He has to use what is in season to come up with interesting recipes. He also works to make sure the restaurant has saved a lot of money for itself. He makes sure all the foods are well cooked and in time.

Mazzio’s cook’s salary: $14 per hour

  • Mazzio’s Shift Manager Job Description

A shift manager has to work as part of a team and ensure that all the employees in his shift follow his lead. Everything that happens in a shift has to happen in his knowledge. The shift manager is one of the most highly paid professionals in the restaurant industry since his work is demanding and faces a lot of pressure. The manager has to be prepared for the unexpected since emergencies come up in shifts. He has to be prepared to deal with them carefully and in the best way possible. He keeps the best interests of the restaurant at heart.

Mazzio’s shift manager’s salary: $12 to $15 per hour

  • Mazzio’s Store Manager Job Description

This is one of the most needed management professionals in the restaurant industry. He overlooks the management of the stores and appoints people to work for him. He makes sure all the shifts have adequate members of staff depending on the amount of work to be done. He advertises for job positions when there is an open job opportunity. He interviews potential workers and hires them if they fit the criteria. He looks at the records and makes sure they are accurate.

Mazzio’s store manager’s salary: $13 to $14 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

Aside from the above mentioned jobs are those in management like customer relations and restaurant management, all which required qualified and experienced personnel. For those who want to work as crew members, you need to have the experience and skill as well and top this up with an eye-catching CV. hosts and servers are some of the crew members needed in Mazzio’s.

Mazzio’s Job Application Form Online

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