Meijer Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 6, 2011

Meijer Inc. Job Description

Meijer is a gigantic retailer in the Midwest launched by Hendrik Meijer and opened its initial store in 1930’s. The company’s vast grocery and broad-spectrum product stores middling 200,000 to 250,000 sq. ft. each and stock about 120,000 items as well as Meijer private-lined products. Meijer controls approximately 195 locations about half are in Michigan. Customers can select from 40-plus departments, together with clothing, electronics, hardware, and toys. A good number of stores also vend gasoline; present banking services, and has multiple waiting restaurants.

Meijer Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Corporate Counsel

The Corporate Counsel carry out lawful study and organize memo, deed plans and communication concerning authorized analysis; arrange, evaluate and discuss contracts with a variety of Meijer vendors, service providers, and consultants; meet with the industry areas to appreciate their roles in the company and associated permissible issues; examine the impact of new laws and system on the assigned production areas, and converse the impact to them; give official advice on all valid laws and regulations at the demand of business partners; carry out investigations and accurate and or legal study as needed to offer legal advice, to take action to claims by third parties and or managerial bodies and or to assess the company’s observance with valid laws; develop policies, measures and exercise to make sure of compliance with laws; and may execute other duties as assigned or required.

Corporate Counsel Salary: $100,000.00

  • 3rd Shift Grocery Stocking Team Leader

The 3rd Shift Grocery Stocking Team Leader reviewing every day inbound merchandise run in Grocery Keys; setting up Team Members according to Activity Based Labor (ABL) paid hours; maintaining good recruitment levels on Grocery production shift; working out the entire team members to carry out all actions to necessary manufacture levels; accountable for the implementation of Meijer Stocking Production System (MSPS) Process; maintaining support room organization in Grocery Zone; conversing with Store Leadership concerning record inconsistency and product flow issues; ensuring all manufacture stocking errands are finished within the normal department standards in Grocery Zone; maintaining Team Member act reporting in the MSPS Process; observing team member labor practices and providing corrective deed wherever essential; recognize company issues that obstruct labor power, productivity, customer service and in-stock spot and obtain the suitable remedial action through communication and or course development recommendations; preserving 100% ad in stock all the way through the Grocery Zone; guaranteeing merchandise alternation process meets business guidelines; cross-training lineup members to permit suppleness in preparation and guarantee that necessary duties are finished on a daily basis; providing a secure work surroundings; maintaining high cleanliness levels throughout sales floor and backroom; increasing prospective team members to presume extra tasks as the need arises; appraising every day schedules to work load; constructing suitable adjustments to daily employment levels based on work load; running, creating or constructing daily coursework for stocking team; and additional daily tasks as compulsory.

3rd Shift Grocery Stocking Team Leader Salary: $10.00 per hour

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