MidSouth Bancorp

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Established: 1985
Employees: 500
HQ: Lafayette, Louisiana Area
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MidSouth Bancorp Job Description

Operated through a network of 35 offices and with more than 50 automated teller machine located in south Louisiana and southeast Texas, MidSouth Bancorp, Inc. is a publicly traded bank holding company. The bank offers commercial and consumer loan and deposit services to small and medium market business, to its owners and employees, and other individuals in its markets.

MidSouth Bancorp Job Positions and Descriptions

  • MidSouth Bancorp Retail Store Manager Job Description

The major duty of a Retail store Manger is to oversee all day-to-day processes and activities carried out in the store. He or she monitors and manages product inventory, merchandise for display, sales persons with their assignments, and sales and accounting. Each employee in the store is bound to report to the store manager for an update of the activities. He or she is also responsible in motivating and improving sales team performance. He or she is also accountable in the sales staff and employee salary. He or she is also responsible in coordinating with divisional heads regarding the setting of policies and strategies. He or she is also take major role in the advertising section of the company. He or she may work with the advertising manager in preparation of plans and advertisement policies that would attract new customers for the store. A Retail Store Manager’s job entails a wide range of activities as the store grows but his or her job’s main goal is to increase profit and hit sales volume goals for the store.

MidSouth Bancorp Retail Store Manager Job Salary: $43,163

  • MidSouth Bancorp Customer Service Associate Job Description

Customer Service Associate is the one who directly interact with the customers to provide information on the products, resolve problems and offer general assistance. He or she handles complaints and reports requests for more assistance from superiors. He or she also follows-up customers to ensure the issues have been properly resolved. He or she keeps the records of the all the customer interactions and transactions that take place.

MidSouth Bancorp Customer Service Associate Job Hourly Salary: $9/hour

  • MidSouth Bancorp Universal Banker Job Description

A Universal Banker is responsible in processing the regular transactions in the bank like receiving and paying out money, and keeping records of money and negotiable instruments involved in financial transactions. He or she evaluates the needs of potential customers and offers appropriate financial services and products. He or she complies and prepares new customer application and information to open new accounts. He or she provides information and advises customers of status or enhancements to current account productivity. He or she also assists customer inquiries and requests regarding the account. He or she cashes checks and pays cash from savings and checking accounts upon verification of signatures and customer account balances. He or she verifies the negotiability of the all checks, bonds, savings withdrawals and money orders by proper inspection. And he or she receives bank visitors, provides information and directs them to appropriate staff.

MidSouth Bancorp Universal Banker Job Hourly Salary: $12/hour

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