Miller’s Ale House Restaurants

by Publishing Team on November 1, 2010

Miller’s Ale House Restaurants Job Description

This is another chain of restaurants that has succeeded on the grounds of offering casual dining at some of the best prices in town. It has 50 restaurants to its name and is yet to franchise its brand. Miller’s ale has come a long way, having been started in 1988. It offers healthy options for those who are conscious of the foods they are eating. There are foods for the diabetics and a large range of beers and wines for those who want to catch up and have a good time while downing a beer or two. It has employed several hundreds of professionals, some of whose jobs are listed here.

Miller’s Ale House Restaurants Job Positions and Duties

  • Miller’s Ale House Restaurants Cashier Job Description

The cashier takes money from the customers and issues change and receipts. In some establishments, external suppliers are paid by the cashier upon the presentation of a valid invoice. Depending on the arrangement of the establishment, the cashier may have to pay external suppliers. Before payments, the cashier has to liaise with the management, especially the store manager. The cashier issues receipts to all clients and ensures they have accurate change. For this purpose the cashier has to be good in calculating and computing the results on the cash register.

Miller’s Ale House Restaurants cashier’s salary: $12 to $13 per hour

  • Miller’s Ale House Restaurants Cook Job Description

The cook needs to be skilled because he is tasked with the responsibility of making sure all the food is cooked in the right time and in the right manner. The cook has to know how to handle and store food. Steaming, sautéing, baking and grilling are some of the skills the cook needs to have. He needs to keep an inventory of the items that need to be replaced and talk to the management about their replacement.

Miller’s Ale House Restaurants cook’s salary: $12.6 to $13.5 per hour

  • Miller’s Ale House Restaurants Shift Manager Job Description

Since most restaurants work in shifts, he has to make sure his shift takes off without a hitch. The manager has to be on his toes all the time to make sure everything is perfect. He has to make sure all the employees are well dressed and presentable. The shift manager ensures that customers are seated and comfortable and takes care of their complaints. He is also there to make sure they are served in time.

Miller’s Ale House Restaurants shift manager’s salary: $15 to 17 per hour

  • Miller’s Ale House Restaurants Store Manager Job Description

The store manager makes sure the kitchen and the restaurant is well supplied. He keeps an inventory of all the tools and cleaning items in need. The mops, rugs, mats, buckets detergents saucepans and other cutlery are all supplied by the store; which is manned by the store manager. He is there to make sure there is economical use of all the items that have been supplied. He intervenes in the event of wasteful use and makes sure all the store clerks are in their places of work in time.

Miller’s Ale House Restaurants store manager’s salary: $15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

All the employees at miller’s ale are gauged according to their performance on the job. This will determine how they will be promoted. Other jobs include barmen, floor managers, hostesses and waitresses. Management jobs will determine how far in the hierarchy one will go. The pay packages differ according to the jobs, and so do the allowances. Management jobs have more money and require more experience to land.

Miller’s Ale House Restaurants Job Application Form Online

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anonymous February 7, 2011 at 5:18 am

Management are 2 faced and not trustworthy will give high tip shits to those that kiss their behinds …they lie to benefit themselves ..wish they put someone undercover at this place for a month


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