Ministry of Finance Job Description

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The Ministry of Finance is responsible for doing examination and investigation of the state budget; statistical surveys and analysis of local economy and economic conditions, management and disposal of national property. They also do planning, preparation and consolidation of budget coordination, arrangement of financial records system and accounting system. The group does overall synchronization and regulation of the experienced administration as well as matters pertaining to personnel administration and accounts of the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance analyzes and researches matters needed for the proficient management; search, arrangement and drafting of the Government financial institutions structure, also in matters relating to earthquake re-insurance, economic crisis managing and management of the Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Ministry of Finance Position and Job Description

  • Ministry of Finance Clerical Officer Job Description

The Clerical Officer works at the level that is carried out under secure direction and guidance of a higher officer and will be subject to standard checks and certification. The Clerical Officer will be positioned in the districts to serve up in the HRM unit, universal registry, equipment, financial records office or common office services. The Clerical Officer duties will comprise of compiling arithmetical records; categorization, filing and sending off letters, sustaining a well-organized filing system, dispensation appointments, promotions, order, transfers and other related duties in human resource management, calculation of monetary or numerical report based on routine or particular sources of information as well as preparing payment receipts, compiling information and drafting easy letters.

Ministry of Finance Clerical Officer Salary:$43,000

  • Ministry of Finance Support Staff Job Description

The Support Staff members work in a broad array of industries and their responsibility differs due to the diverse areas assigned to them. In most cases, they are responsible for regular office tasks that other workers are too hectic to handle. For example, a support staff member may type letters or fax papers written by his superiors, or go into significant data into computers. He or she may also help with sales or secretarial tasks. They may be responsible for forwarding calls or vital mail, or taking notes at meetings. The Support Staff members may also have to make sure materials are prearranged and shelves are stocked. They may also be accountable for billing and even collections.

Ministry of Finance Senior Support Staff Salary:$29,050

  • Ministry of Finance Accountant Job Description

The Accountant is similar to the big brothers of the economic world. They carry on each person from low-income individuals to the most influential corporations. The Accountant executes a system of checks and balance that ensures their consumers are not shorting the administration, their customers or their staff, and that the administration. The Accountants hold a variety of issues dealing with cash, investments, earnings, expenditures, payrolls and their sales. Their duties vary significantly depending on his consumer and his client’s financials. The Accountant’s job can vary from performing audits to make sure an individual or industry is being honest in its tax credentials, to management the payroll of a little industry or overall financial health.

Ministry of Finance Accountant Salary:$71,960

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