Mitchell’s Fish Market

by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Mitchell’s Fish Market Job Description

Lovers of seafood will love what Mitchell’s Fish Market has to offer and the fact that the menu changes several times a day has to be very intriguing indeed. If you thought seafood consist of several countable items, visit one of the many Mitchell’s Fish Market and see the seafood menu, with more than 80 different foods to choose from. With one of the best service in the market, it’s no wonder it is a top destination for seafood lovers and those seeking to expand a career.

Mitchell’s Fish Market Job Positions and Duties

  • Mitchell’s Fish Market Cashier Job Description

Cashiers are some of the most important employees at Mitchell’s Fish Market since they perform many functions. The main one is the collection of cash and processing of payments as well as keeping the records of the restaurant. Once in a while, the cashier may be called in to serve and may have to answer the questions asked by customers about the food and the prices on the menu etc. the cashier is therefore supposed to be informed and a quick learner in the job.

Mitchell’s Fish Market cashier’s salary: $6-8 per hour

  • Mitchell’s Fish Market Cook Job Description

When it comes to cooking fish, the cook has to be an expert at it. Mitchell’s Fish Market will not take any less qualified cook. The cook has to be committed and motivated in his work. When it comes to talent and creativity, the cook has to be on top of his game since he will be expected to come up with interesting recipes. The cook will control the prices of the menu items and make sure the kitchen is kept very clean. Fellow cooks are answerable to the head cook, who is the leader.

Mitchell’s Fish Market cook’s salary $7.65 to 8.9

  • Mitchell’s Fish Market Shift Manager Job Description

To work as a shift manager in Mitchell’s Fish Market Columbus Fish Market, one has to have the experience of working in a restaurant of the same stature on a full time basis. He is responsible for his shifts and has to ensure a smooth transition of work from one shift to the next. A typical Mitchell’s Fish Market has several shift managers who ensure the customers are satisfied with the services. He has to make sure is shift is profitable and get to the root of the problems challenging the profitability.

Mitchell’s Fish Market shift manager’s salary: $17 to 20 per hour

  • Mitchell’s Fish Market Store Manager Job Description

Anybody wanting to work as a store manager has to display the skills he has learnt working in the same position. For example, he has to make sure the shifts of working shifts in the store are well staffed. He will arrange with the management to get new staff and liaise with them when it comes to training new staff. The manager ensures that the stock records are accurate and when the time comes for refilling the stock, the manager makes sure the suppliers are paid.

Mitchell’s Fish Market store manager’s salary: $13-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

There are many other different positions offered by this brand, like the general manager, and dining room manager. If you want to become a crew member, you have to display the skills of working in a fast paced environment. For those who have been in crew positions before, this may be your chance of expansion and working in management or similar crew positions. If you feel up to this job, you need to make an application as soon as you can.

Mitchell’s Fish Market Job Application Form Online

There are several Management positions in the Mitchell’s Fish Market restaurants all over the US listed in this page

The positions available in particular restaurant are listed, and here is one example

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