Mountain Equipment Co-op

by Publishing Team on January 7, 2011

Mountain Equipment Co-op Job Description

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a Canadian customer’s joint which retails out-of-doors leisure stuff and garments. MEC is distinguished for its dedication to ecological fortification and supplementary causes. As a co-op, MEC retails merely to customers who seize an existence attachment which is theoretically a share and can be acquired by anyone. MEC bills itself as Canada’s major dealer of outdoor gears. Since its beginning in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1970’s, MEC has long-drawn-out across Canada and at this time controls stores in fourteen cities. As of 2010, MEC has more than 3 million members in Canada and globally and makes obvious what can be completed all the way through cooperative self-governing ownership. Mountain Equipment Co-op pledge to green construction, the public grants, principled purchasing, item for consumption sustainability and endorsement of Canada-wide parks and sheltered areas displays the most excellent of what big business can be in the social order.

Mountain Equipment Co-op Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assistant Manager, Distribution Centre

The Assistant Manager, Distribution Centre supports in running MEC’s Distribution Center; contributing in the bargaining negotiations with the combination representing DC human resources; hiring, Training and Reviewing DC workforce to guarantee the potential health of the DC through constant series preparation; leading transformation in a courteous approach that inspires and motivates DC workforce; facilitating the steady flow of ordered information to and from the DC to stores and HO, utilizing the utmost number of DC communication channels as likely; functioning collaboratively with the Senior Manager, Logistics to make a civilization of value, truthfulness, joint reliance and honesty; ensuring all DC machinery and computer systems are completely equipped; and supporting the Senior Manager, Logistics in constructing and maintaining systems to defend MEC assets against robbery, spoil and abuse.

Assistant Manager, Distribution Centre Salary: $60,000.00

  • Warehouse Workers (Order Processor)

The Warehouse Workers (Order Processor) will handle cost ticketing garments and outdoor supplies; arrangement of supplies and stuffing parcels for mail order deliveries; and frequent cleaning of stockroom.

Warehouse Workers Salary: $25,000.00

  • Bike Mechanics

The Bike Mechanics will be assigned to bring together and fix bicycles as well as assisting members on the sell floor; take on the errands of a ski technician; assembling, maintaining and repairing bicycles within MEC’s production, class, and security procedures; preserving a sanitary and controlled work setting that meets image appearance standards; contributing to outstanding affiliate service by conducting activities outlined in forefront job description when looked-for; instructing and training lead workforce on bike repair processes and procedures; installing, adjusting and repairing bindings in a competent, precise and appropriate method according to normal process and instructions; giving forefront workforce support when necessary; taking into consideration MEC’s sustainability values when building decisions and actions; and unplanned projects as by the Master Mechanic.

Bike Mechanics Salary: $45,000.00

  • Bike Builders

The Bike Builders will be assigned to do assembling, evaluating and restoring bicycles; and serving members on the sell floor in receiving the stuff and suggest that they should enjoy the outdoors.

Bike Builders Salary: $30,000.00

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