Mountain Mike’s Pizza

by Publishing Team on October 29, 2010

Mountain Mike’s Pizza Job Description

Mountain Mike’s pizza is a franchise company started in the year 1978, with the aim of providing the high quality pizza to its customers in a comfortable and friendly environment. It has already created a bench mark position for itself within the pizza industry .While its competitors are focusing only on the home delivery of pizzas; Mountain Mike’s is focusing on those options along with serving pizzas in a comfortable atmosphere and casual dining experience.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza Job Positions and Duties

  • Mountain Mike’s Pizza Shift Manager Job Description

Shift manager position is the most difficult and responsible post in Mountain Mike’s Pizza restaurant. The shift manager needs to have good managerial and organizational skills as he or she has to manage lots of tasks at a single time. He is the first person to response to the customer and ensures that all visitors must feel comfortable and enjoy their time at the pizza restaurant. He has to maintain the effective operation of the restaurant and the store also. Total financial and operational skills of the restaurant are controlled by the shift managers. He distributes the time of work and responsibility among the workers and also keeps the records about the work of each worker. Both employ and customer satisfaction should be the first priority for the shift manager. The working hour of the shift manager in Mountain Mike’s Pizza is 45 to 50 hours per week.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza shift manager salary: $17.70 per hour

  • Mountain Mike’s Pizza Head Cook Job Description

At Mountain Mike’s Pizza, the main responsibility of the head cook is to maintain balance and co -ordination among the kitchen workers and also to ensure that food is attractively served and well cooked. He has also the duty to plan out the delay menu and distribute work among the kitchen staff accordingly. His decision is final in every kitchen related matter. He decides the price of the different menu and takes the order of customers for any private event. Any special training or skill is not required for joining as a chief cook in Mountain Mike’s Pizza. The one thing which is required is the impeccable knowledge regarding the art of making pizza and also the basics of cleaning the work area so that proper hygiene is maintained. He must have the basic knowledge about handling deferent electronic equipment which are used for preparing the food. To check and maintain the required quality and quantity of the food is also the basic responsibility of a cook.

The yearly salary of Mountain Mike’s Pizza Cook: $30,000

  • Mountain Mike’s Pizza Cashier Job Description

He will process all the payment transaction and also take orders from the customers (if required). The cashier is responsible for all the cash transactions in the cash register and the cash box. The cashier has to stand on his feet for a considerable amount of time. That is the reason why Mountain Mike’s Pizza looks for cashiers who are willing and ready to work in the fast-paced environment. The cashier also looks after the satisfaction of the customers and answers their queries related to the food and bill.

The yearly salary of Mountain Mike’s Pizza Cashier is:-$19000

  • Other positions for which you can apply

Besides the above mentioned jobs, the Mountain Mike’s Pizza also hires employees for various other jobs. As a growing company the administration of Mountain Mike’s Pizza makes sure there is an endless supply of professional candidates for all the jobs. The restaurant is famous for its unique service and highly efficient workers. One can get the best training, and the friendliest atmosphere of working in this restaurant. The flexible hours of working also makes this restaurant most sought after amongst the employees and working section. All staff here get attractive salaries along with holiday and other essential facilities.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza Job Application Form Online

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