Murphy’s Deli

by Publishing Team on October 22, 2010

Murphy’s Deli Job Description

Murphy’s Deli, the restaurant which was first opened in the year 1993 on Murphy Road in the city of Texas, Houston is mainly famous for providing the quality food in the best affordable price. This restaurant came as a boon to the people in the highly competitive Houston Market. The new ideas and untiring effort of the owner Hassan Houmani, Murphy’s Deli became a great favorite amongst the people of Houston. Serving the customers in the best possible way has always been the main aim of Murphy’s Deli. And to execute this aim properly, this restaurant has always been hiring employees who are well qualified, enthusiastic and above all hardworking. Comprehensive customer service and financial training is provided by the company to its employees.

Murphy’s Deli Job Positions and Duties

  • Murphy’s Deli Cashier Job Description

In Murphy’s Deli, the cashier has to mainly deal with the payment transaction from the customer for the purchases and services the restaurant has provided them. Along with the transaction, the cashier has to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their services. The cashier has to stand on his feet for a considerable amount of time, and for this reason the cashier must be willing and ready to work in the fast-paced environment. A minimum of high school education is definitely required in order to become a cashier in Murphy’s Deli. Proper knowledge on math and accounting is an added advantage. The ability to operate and maintain electronic payment system and cash register is also required.

The salary of the cashier at Murphy’s Deli is around $25,000 to $27,000.

  • Murphy’s Deli Head Cook Job Description

Head cook or what we commonly call chefs is one of the important employees in Murphy’s Deli. The head cook’s main duty is to coordinate the work of all the staff in the kitchen and also to look after the preparedness and presentation of food. Although no basic qualification is required, the cook must know the art of preparing and presenting the food in different styles and manner. The overall planning of menus is also the prime role of a cook so that a unique dining experience is felt by the customers. The success of the restaurant highly depends on the creativity and the work of the cook.

The average yearly salary of the cook is around $40,000

  • Murphy’s Deli General Manager Job Description

General Manager is the person who will be responsible to look after the entire management of the restaurant and make sure that the restaurant is working according to the company’s policies and guidelines. The General Manager needs to have good managerial and organizational skills because he or she has to manage many things at a time. Total financial and operational management has to be looked after by the General Manager. Employees’ satisfaction as well as Customer satisfaction should be the top priority of a Manager. Being the leader, the manager provides overall leadership and trains and motivates the entire team members. The basic working hours of the General Mangers is 50-55 hours per week. This includes the peak periods.

The average annual salary of a General Manager is around $50,000

  • Other Job Opportunities

Some other job opportunities in Murphy’s Deli include trainer and accounts officer. The trainer is responsible for imparting training to different employees regarding their work and duties. Similarly, the accounts officers look after all of the accounts and financial matter of the company.

Murphy’s Deli provides its employees with different type of schemes and bonuses so that the employees can get the benefit of such a rewarding restaurant.

Murphy’s Deli Job Application Form Online

The different job opportunity of this restaurant can be known from its website You just need to fill in the form and send it to the required person. The required qualification for respective jobs can be known through this link.

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