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NASCAR Inc. drives as an authorizing body for sports in the United States and it sanctions competitions at assorted tracks in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. NASCAR Inc. was established in 1940’s and is located in Florida. NASCAR, Inc. has 1,000 regular employees these days. Superstore Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manager, Talent Acquisition and Retention

The perfect applicant will be an advance thinker with exceptional communication, people supervision, project management and process skills; providing control, management and bearing to staff; ensuring lawful observance; developing and applying impactful employee withholding strategies; functioning directly with management to evaluate employment needs and to build up recruiting strategies; setting off job announcement and online postings; pre-screening applicants, preparing interviews and performing face to face interviews; performing pre-hire screenings as well as background and location inspection; monitoring and running the Company’s employment website; brings up to date the content on a regular basis; and making usual and ad hoc reports.

Manager, Talent Acquisition and Retention Salary: $70,000.00

  • Desktop Support Specialist

This individual needs to be a tough business technology associate in order to offer outstanding technical support to end users; incorporates with the business to be familiar with and hold its technology; makes sure the technology is useful at all times, and makes proposals to relate new technology as needed; troubleshoot and restore every single office technology linked issues to take in computers, printers, copiers, audio-visual devices, video conference equipment, phones, cell phones, mobile devices, fax machines, and network; present production, video/teleconference and episode event support; resolution end user support calls and register work orders for all work done in the Service Desk Express function and sustain service level conformities for all work orders; and 20% travel as well as weekends.

Desktop Support Specialist Salary: $50,000.00

  • Travelling Pc Technician

This position will supply technical backing to employees at the roadway events and support computers, network, trackside applications and other important systems related to work; guarantee servers, trackside system communications, computers, credit card machines, satellite systems and internet devices are ready at the entire time; controls end user support requirements at-track; troubleshoot and fix computer, network, mobile and secondary devices; present weekly race description and confined office support as required; and 90% travel as well as weekends.

Travelling PC Technician Salary: $30,000.00

  • Account Manager, Automotive Group

The Account Manager, Automotive Group helps in selling activities to guarantee efficient exercise of internal resources; supply tactical direction and assessment of collaborator marketing plans; handle NASCAR Performance media properties and projects; acquire the skill to produce and develop new marketing assets plus sales-generating promotional concepts; assemble Return on Investment extent for collaborator briefings; display marketing plans and thoughts in proper partner meetings; manage automotive content on various internal and external websites; and 35% travel as well as weekends.

Account Manager Salary: $60,000.00 Superstore Job Application Form Online

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