National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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Established: 1958
Employees: 300,000
HQ: Washington, D.C.
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National Aeronautics and Space Administration Job Description

Formed July 29, 1958, NASA is an Executive Branch agency of the United States government that mainly conducts research in the field of civilian space program, aeronautics and aerospace sciences. Headquartered in Washington, DC, NASA is mainly focused in studying Earth and its relationship with its neighboring heavenly bodies.

NASA Job Positions and Duties

  • NASA Aerospace Engineer Job Description

Aerospace Engineer’s job entails various engineering works in designing, constructing and testing aircraft missiles and spacecraft. He or she conducts inspection of the materials and equipments to be used in the manufacture. He or she will be also responsible in the cost-estimations, feasibility, and production time of the aerospace and aeronautical products. One should possess a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering to be in this position.

NASA Aerospace Engineer Job Salary: $100,281

  • NASA Engineering Intern Job Description

Any currently enrolled Engineering Students are welcome to be an Engineering Intern. As an Engineering Intern, he or she will be under supervision of a professional engineer and will be tasked to do basic engineering tasks like drafting and design. He or she must also possess knowledge in various essential Engineering software applications. He or she may also be tasked to do simple clerical jobs like filing of blueprints or performing research.

NASA Engineering Intern Job Hourly Salary: $16.37/hour

  • NASA Computer Engineer Job Description

With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, a computer engineer may be either specialized in software applications or hardware development. As a software-specialized computer engineer, he or she will be responsible in the development, design, implementation, and testing of the software. As a hardware-specialized computer engineer, he or she will be responsible in the integration of computer software to the hardware. He or she ensures the integration is properly executed. He or she also designs automation in basic areas of control.

NASA Computer Engineer Job Salary: $68,213

  • NASA Technical Writer Job Description

Being a Technical Writer requires one to have a degree in Journalism or English Communication. He or she will be responsible in writing newsletters and updates of latest research and advancements conducted by NASA’s researchers, scientists, and engineers. He or she should have a good understanding of technical jargons and writes in a more understandable manner for general audience. To be an effective Technical Writer at NASA, one should possess a good scientific and technical comprehension, and good command in English language.

NASA Technical Writer Job Salary: $43,000

  • NASA Electronics Engineer Job Description

A degree in Electronics Engineering is required to be an Electronics Engineer. He or she will be tasked to design, analyze, and test developed electronic devices with a specific function. He or she will be responsible also in the creation of electronic circuit design and tests its functionality. Any device that requires low-voltage-amperage is under the scope of electronics sciences, thus Electronics Engineer’s job is mainly in the design of such devices.

NASA Electronics Engineer Job Salary: $93,000

  • NASA Computer Scientist Job Description

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is essential to in this position. As a Computer Scientist, one should possess a good knowledge in technology especially in computer advancements. He or she should also have a good knowledge in various programming language and software trouble-shooting.

NASA Computer Scientist Job Salary: $106,000

  • NASA Astronaut Job Description

Astronaut’s education varies depending on the position he holds in the hierarchy rankings. Generally, astronauts have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Engineering and other related fields of discipline. One should undergo various and rigid mental and physical training before one is sent for its first mission. Being an Astronaut entails a lot of emotional, mental and physical adjustments, since one should be constantly vigilant for any dangers to be encountered in a mission.

NASA Astronaut Job Salary: $151,000

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