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by Publishing Team on January 3, 2011

National Geographic Society Job Description

The National Geographic Society had been inspirational to people since 1800’s. Up until now, it continues to stimulate people of all ages to think about and be concerned of the planet. It is one of the largest scientific and educational organizations on earth. It caters to promote geography, archaeology and natural science, the endorsement of ecological and past preservation. The company aims to protect the natural resources of plants and animals thus conserving the history of national habitat.

National Geographic Society Duties and Responsibilities

  • Internship, Academic Graphic Design/Fulltime

As Internship, Academic Graphic Design/Fulltime you will study and help out the design team in inserting images, creating written book model and providing tint test proofs; become skilled at how to style and flow text in addition to creating editorial and typographic adjustments for a variety of titles in InDesign; work in partnership with the design team in designing book covers, dust jackets, core spreads; Involve self in ponderings and reviews with editorial column, manufacture, design, and advertising departments during the book improvement process to understand a combined visualization; Monitor and help out design team in constructing spotless silhouettes with feature paths in Photoshop creating illustrations in Illustrator; and discover to explore imaginative ability such as illustrators, photographers, and designers, as well as investigate as good as book titles and images to use in book project.

Internship, Academic Graphic Design/Fulltime Salary: This is non-paid (for credit) internship.

  • Director, Communications

As a Director, Communications you keep an eye on premeditated communications for the Kids imaginative teams across the entire platforms to carry out harmonized media messaging, media posts and tactics; facilitates with Kids magazine, Kids books, and Kids Entertainment; look into fresh strategies, experiments with new strategies; hunt for new proposal and campaigns to get in touch with both Moms and Kids with the Nat Geo Kids messaging; planned management of National Geographic Interactive Platforms consumer media hype operating with the advertising group and editorial group to shelter trade and consumer coverage for the products in customary and nontraditional media outlets; watch over approach for the National Geographic Travel franchise, in the hunt for internal partnership that additionally augments the National Geographic tour brand in trade and consumer media in customary and non traditional platforms; formulate obtainable interactions line of attack for out of the ordinary endorsement events for the most part giving spotlight on Kids guarantors and unique projects; and works directly with input media and with external agencies, associates and firms to reach big business aspirations; and provides deliberate conference and course for Global Media business interactions functioning with the external agency to keep an eye on conferences, webinars, and other markets for key verbal communication opportunities.

Director of Communications Salary: $45,000.00-$90,000.00

Comprehensive Benefit Package

  • Health care
  • Dental benefits
  • Vacation and leave time
  • 401(k) plan
  • Flexible work options
  • Tuition-assistance program

How to Become Part of National Geographic Society and Other Current Searchable Job Openings at National Geographic Society

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