National Institute of Standards and Technology

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National Institute of Standards and Technology Job Description

Founded in Gaithersburg, Maryland, National Institute of Standards and technology or NIST is non-regulatory agency of the United States Department of commerce that serves as a laboratory for measurement standards. In between 1901 and 1988 NIST is known as National Bureau of Standards or NBS. With about 2,900 employed scientists, technicians, engineers and administrative personnel, NIST operates last year with a budget of $820 million.

NIST Job Positions and Duties

  • NIST Guest Researcher Job Description

Typically a Guest Researcher is an academic person who aids in the research process. He or she is a degree holder of PhD in any degree, but usually in the field of Chemistry, Geography and Engineering. As a Guest Researcher, he or she is an expert in wide methodologies and techniques of research. He or she analyzes statistical data, evaluates the data gathered qualitatively and quantitatively. And he or she must also possess a strong command in written English in addition to analytical and critical thinking.
NIST Guest Researcher Job Salary: $47,250

  • NIST Software Engineer Job Description

A Software Engineer holds a degree in either Computer Sciences or in Computer Engineering fields of discipline. He or she is a computer specialist and professional that specializes in the computer language and application. Software Engineer is the one who designs the flow of a particular computer application. The application may be broken down into different areas, but the software engineer is the one who monitors the entire creation and development process. He or she creates, designs, and debugs the application in different software languages. He or she is also responsible in the process of modeling and simulation of the software. Overall, he or she maintains standards of the project.
NIST Software Engineer Job Salary: $84,000

  • NIST IT Specialist Job Description

IT Specialist holds a degree in Information Technology or any related field of discipline. He or she will be tasked to various different tasks like customer service-related tasks. He or she will be either facing the customer face to face, over the phone or through email to aid customers of their computer related problems. But as an IT specialist in NIST, he or she will be tasked to do trouble-shooting jobs in the laboratory. He or she will be connecting information and distributing it to various media. Mainly, IT specialist works with anything to do with information.
NIST IT Specialist Job Salary: $91,000

  • NIST Co-Operational Intern Job Description

Co-Operational Intern is a student-employee tasked to do various administrative and operational tasks. A student that is currently enrolled in a University obtaining no grade less than 2.5 can be a Co-Operational Intern. As a Co-Op Intern, he or she will be tasked to assist in the research activities like gathering of data, in-field surveying, modeling of data, and other similar tasks. He or she may also do some administrative tasks like filing of documents, submission of data, encoding files and other tasks that needs to be completed and done in the operational stage of the research.
NIST Co-Operational Intern Job Salary: $33,000

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