National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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National Institutes of Health (NIH) Job Description

NIH is a group of institutes that serves a research channel of different biomedical and health-related cases. NIH is a United States Department of Health and Human Services agency consisting of 27 separate institutes and offices. The goal of this agency is to prevent, detect, diagnose and treat diseases and disabilities from the rarest genetic disorders to the most common types of diseases.

NIH Job Positions and Duties

  • NIH Research Fellow Job Description

A Research Fellow is usually a professional who is a Ph.D. degree holder who conducts mostly academic researches. He or she is responsible in reviewing existing research and strengthens its methods. He or she may serve as a panel member in a research defense. He or she may also propose research programs and activities. As a Research Fellow, one should have a strong command both in verbal and written English.

NIH Research Fellow Job Salary: $58,537

  • NIH Clinical Fellow Job Description

Any Medical-related degree is required to be a clinical fellow. He or she will be responsible in recognition and immediate treatment of a critically ill patient. He or she will be responsible in administering practical procedures under direct supervision. He or she must also possess a good background about aspects of intensive care. He or she may also assist in clinical research about intensive care-related issues.

NIH Clinical Fellow Job Salary: $67,088

  • NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellow Job Description

A Ph.D degree is required in this type of position. Postdoctoral Research Fellow is responsible in the research and investigation of a particular matter. He or she designs procedures, analyzes quality of data collected, and makes interpretation and conclusion out from the data gathered. He or she may also take part in the experimentation process and propose methods of research. As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, one should have a good technical writing skill as an addition to a strong command in written and verbal English.

NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellow Job Salary: $47,300

  • NIH Biologist Job Description

A Biologist is the one who researches about basic life cycles of plants and animals. He or she gathers and analyzes biological data to determine environmental-related issues. He or she may also prepare reports about environmental impacts. He or she may either conducts lectures or aids research methods.

NIH Biologist Job Hourly Salary: $24/hour

  • NIH Veterinary Technologist Job Description

A Veterinary Medicine degree holder is required to fill the position of a Veterinary Technologist. He or she will be tasked to set-up veterinary clinics and apparatuses. His or her duty includes administering injections and performs venipunctures. He or she may also conduct systematic research about animal-related cases.

NIH Veterinary Technologist Job Salary: $42,000

  • NIH Speech Pathologist Job Description

Speech Pathologist is a professional who holds a bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology. He or she is a professional that specializes in the detection, diagnosis prevention and treatment speech-related disorders. He or she provides services for people, especially children, with difficulties in speaking, voice and fluency.

NIH Speech Pathologist Job Salary: $39,000

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