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Navistar Job Description

Navistar International Corporation is a publicly traded US based holding company owning the manufacturer of international brand commercial trucks like IC Bus school and commercial buses, Maxx Force brand diesel engines, and Workhorse brand chassis for motor homes and step vans. It is also a private label designer and manufacturer of diesel engines for the pickup truck van and SUV markets. The company is also a provider of truck and diesel engine parts and service.

The Navistar’s products, parts, and services are sold through a chain of nearly 1,000 outlets in the Canada, United States, Mexico and Brazil and more than 60 dealers in 90 countries throughout the world. The company also provides financing for its clients and distributors mainly through its solely owned subsidiary, Navistar Financial Corporation.

Navistar Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Navistar Project Engineer Job Description

As a project engineer, he should head project meetings to disseminate and collect information pertaining to projects. He also reviews and resolves technical specifications. He also monitors program cost activity to achieve a result within the budget level. He creates billing of materials, detailed instructions for manufacturing process of a new part, supplier specifications to provide standard cost structure and instructions for manufacturing. He also ensures the project charges are accurately represented for accounting process. He then evaluates project performance of functional areas. He also directs and supervises other engineering activities in the field. He prepares the designs, plans, drawings and specs for engineered systems, technical equipment or components in the project.

Navistar Project Engineer Job Salary: $76,172

  • Navistar Engineering Analyst Job Description

An Engineering Analyst analyzes the utility of engineering in a field or area. He or she uses surveys and its data to comprehend what particular area needs a particular engineering work. He or she evaluates engineering activities and utilizes its performance to a maximum potential.

Navistar Engineering Analyst Job Salary: $70,383

  • Navistar Control Systems Engineer Job Description

A Control Systems Engineer should have a good knowledge of automation systems. He is responsible for designing, installing, developing, managing and maintaining equipment or a system which is used to monitor control engineering systems, processes and machinery. The main concern of a control systems engineer is to ensure that the control systems and processes functions effectively, efficiently and safely.

Navistar Control Systems Engineer Job Salary: $68,813

  • Navistar Steel Commodity Manager Job Description

Steel Commodity Manager creates a commodity-based strategy and tactics to meet entirely global supply objectives. He or she is responsible for development and negotiations of global equipments and supply agreements, including standard terms and conditions, risk mitigation, expectations, procurement best practices and alike. He or she also supports the creation of all predictions of steel-materials and annual material plans.

Navistar Steel Commodity Manager Job Salary: $86,270

  • Navistar Senior Collections Officer Job Description

A Senior Collections Officer is the one who follows up all allocated overdue accounts and ensure resolution as per the quota set. He or she obtains detailed information about the overdue clients and is documented on collection system for future tracking of the account. He or she also ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and reports any regulatory and legal developments which affect or may affect the collection activities and legal actions.

Navistar Senior Collections Job Salary: $45,912

  • Navistar Materials Analyst Job Description

A Material Analyst is takes a big role in the manufacturing and distribution of the company. He or she ensure the uninterrupted operation of supply, shipping and inventory. He or she must ensure the latest inventory of materials to be used and sufficient enough to sustain current and upcoming projects without building up excessive overstock or may suffer shortage. He or she may also measure the quality of materials required for the production and ensures the disposal on sub-competent stock.

Navistar Materials Analyst Job Salary: $44,000

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