New York & Co. Inc.

by Publishing Team on December 20, 2010

New York & Co. Inc. Job Description

The company is a fanatical blend of towering fashion and image retail store. They take into service world-class talent and hold close to artistic ideas and varied abilities. They greatly welcome the wide-ranging thinking that countless backgrounds transport. As of now, the company has more than 10,000 numbers of employees with over 565 stores in more than 40 states in America.

New York & Co. Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sales Associate

The Sales Associate’s principal duties are to attract buyers and purchasing agents in their retail or services and to deal with clients’ questions and concerns. Sales associates should be able to use up a large amount of their time roving to and visiting with potential buyers and existing clients. Sales associates show their products and inform clients on how by means of these products can lessen costs and/or boost revenue. Sales associates who work in branch and apparel stores receive cash, checks and make out sales checks. Salespersons often are held responsible for repeated shortages and are the primary cause for dismissal in many organizations. Sales associate must be able to inform the client the various choices and warranty of each product.

Sales Associate Salary: $15,000.00 to $25,000.00

  • Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager has to help out the superior manager and look after the competence of the human resources that are a part of his or her team. He or she has to teach the importance of team work to the members of the team and work in tandem with them, to meet the company’s targets. He or she must be able to handle last moment orders, rectify the complaints of the consumers, supervise the day by day work and skillfully delegating responsibilities is a challenge that needs staying power and effectual judgment making ability.

Assistant Manager Salary: $20,000.00 to $40,000.00

  • Director E-Commerce marketing

The Director of Ecommerce Marketing expands and carries out the yearly marketing arrangement of the New York & Company website. The Director of Ecommerce Marketing will run all NY&C online marketing programs where the primary focus will be on lashing E-Commerce income through marketing programs. The Director of Ecommerce Marketing is required to pay hunt appointment, connect marketing, and contrast shopping engines, search engine optimization, public media, mobile marketing and straight answer. The Director of Ecommerce Marketing must have working understanding of multi-channel marketing and fundamental CRM capabilities. The Director of Ecommerce Marketing has to develop and manage NY&C E-Commerce marketing financial funds at the strategic and program level.

Director E-Commerce Marketing Salary: $55,000.00 to $125,000.00

Company Benefits

Medical Insurance Referral Incentive Program Paid Maternity
Dental Insurance Annual Retirement Contribution Paid Holidays
Tax Free Commuter Expense Direct Payroll Deposit Paid Adoption
Leaves Merchandise Discounts Adoption Assistance Paid Bereavements
Competitive Salary Disability Insurance Nurse Line

New York & Co. Inc. Job Application Form Online

Please visit the store that you would like working to and ask to have a word with a member of the management team about applying for a position or apply online at

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