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Noodles & Company
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Established: 1995
Employees: 3,500
HQ: Broomfield, Colorado
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Noodles & Company Job Description

Noodles & Company’s chain of restaurants is known for their noodle dishes, hot soups, fresh salads but most of all the highly efficient and friendly employees. The restaurant guides their employees in the proper direction so they can succeed with the company and eventually get promoted to management. With each position the employee goes through training so they are taught everything about the job they will be working.

Noodles & Company Job Positions and Duties

  • Noodles & Company Noodle Cashier Job Description

The main job description of a cashier at Noodles & Company is to take orders and collect the money from the customers. When the shift is over the cashier will have to balance out the drawer, be able to handle a variety of customers, handle any issues that the customer might have, and answer any questions about the products on the menu. This is a fast paced restaurant so the cashier will have to be quick on their feet at all times.

Noodles & Company Noodle Cashier Hourly Salary: $8.33

  • Noodles & Company Assistant Manager Job Description

As an assistant manger they will be in charge of handling the restaurant when the manager is away. They will need to make sure the restaurant is clean at all times. They will help the manager in the hiring, training, and managing over the employees. Since this is a happy and friendly atmosphere they will be required to make sure the customers are getting their food in a timely manner and that they are happy with their service. At the end of their shift the assistant manager is to make sure that all the money balances out and everything is accounted for.

Noodles & Company Assistant Manager Hourly Salary: $9.81

  • Noodles & Company Restaurant Manager Job Description

Managerial jobs at Noodles & Company include responsibilities such as hiring new employees, training employees, and managing over the entire staff. They will also make sure the food is being prepared and served to the customers in a timely manner. The manager will also make sure the restaurant is clean at all times while maintaining high customer service and building a relationship with the customer at the same time. The manager will also be in charge of doing the books and making sure everything balances on a daily bases. The manager will have to make daily deposits at the bank and make sure there is enough change in the safe for the operations each day. Since the atmosphere is fast paced the manager will need to be able to function under stress while handling any problems that may arise.

Noodles & Company Restaurant Manager Salary: $37,620

  • Some Other Positions

Other Job positions at Noodles & Company include being an area manager. The main job responsibility is making sure all restaurant performance is being met at all times. The area manager will go over each restaurant’s sales, their profitability, and their budgets with each restaurant manager. They will make sure all employees are being properly trained on their positions. They will also make sure the food is the best quality and the customers are getting their orders in a timely manner. The area manager will make sure each restaurant is being kept clean and everything is being done within the regulations set forth by the company.

Noodles & Company Job Application Form Online

Noodles & Company’s official website allows the users to browse for all available jobs at all their locations. The website link provides a database for every job position that is available. is the link that applicants can easily look and then apply for any job position they are interested in as long as they meet the qualifications.

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