Nordstrom Inc.

Nordstrom Inc.
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Established: 1901
Employees: 52,000
HQ: Seattle, Washington
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Nordstrom Inc. Job Description

Nordstrom Inc., is a publicly traded upscale chain of department store in the United States. This store is initially a shoe retailer, but the company grew and today also retails clothing, handbags, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics and fragrances and also home furnishings in selected branches.

Nordstrom Inc., Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Nordstrom Inc., Department Manager Job Description

As a Department Manager, he or she is one responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the operations of a business, division, operating unit or a department. He or she plans and maintains system procedures for the efficiency of the operation. He or she also manages staff for optimum performance in a department. One should also hire and train new staff, monitor and assist the latter with work progress. He or she also plans and manages business meeting for the department.

Nordstrom Inc., Department Manager Salary:$39,108

  • Nordstrom Inc., Sales Associate Job Description

A Nordstrom Sales Associate ensures the quality time spent by the customers in their stores by courteous greeting and friendly gestures. He or she also guides the customers to the right direction of the shelf of the merchandise they need. They are the ones assisting a customer all the time. They should have high knowledge of the products and location of merchandise and should be ready for any customer approach.

Nordstrom Inc., Sales Associate Hourly Salary:$12.35/hour

  • Nordstrom Inc., Intern Job Description

As an intern at Nordstrom, one should be flexible enough to learn the facets of the business in the store. He or she may be assigned in a particular department and should learn how to meet the job’s demands. An intern can be assign as a Sales Associate assistant, a Stock Room Assistant, a Loss Prevention Officer assistant, janitorial or utility. An intern is more focused of learning and training.

Nordstrom Inc., Intern Hourly Salary:$9.4/hour

  • Nordstrom Inc., Sales Representative Job Description

A Sales Representatives responsibility may vary depending on the department or shelf he is assigned to in the store. As a Nordstrom Sales Representative, he or she must be able to represent the company in such a way as customers buy the product, they are also buying you. He or she must be courteous at all times and should have a great knowledge regarding a particular product or merchandise in the store.

Nordstrom Inc., Sales Representative Hourly Salary:$12.8/hour

  • Nordstrom Inc., Customer Service Representative Job Description

A Customer Service Representative’s main responsibility is helping the customer in any way. His or her responsibilities also vary depending on the field. He or she may stay on a Customer Service counter receiving customer’s queries and questions or He or she may stay on phone receiving customer’s questions on phone. He or she should also have a wide knowledge about the business and the products and should be able to solve problems.

Nordstrom Inc., Customer Service Representative Hourly Salary: $12.8/hour

  • Nordstrom Inc., Cosmetic Counter Manager Job Description

As a Cosmetic Counter Manager he or she (preferably a woman), should have a wide knowledge of cosmetics. He or she should have personally used the products and should be able to recommend to customers the right product. He or she should also have knowledge about skin tones, nail and hair anatomy to successfully meet customer need. He or she assists the customers in choosing the right cosmetics of choice.

Nordstrom Inc., Cosmetic Counter Manager Hourly Salary: $16.6/hour

  • Nordstrom Inc., Loss Prevention Job Description

A Nordstrom Loss Prevention Agent is responsible for any securing the stores merchandise and stocks. He or she also takes part in the inventory process and audit.

Nordstrom Inc., Loss Prevention Hourly Salary: $14.4/hour

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