NRG Energy Job Description

With a generation capacity of 24 gigawatts that could handle to light more than 20 million homes, NRG Energy, Inc. is operating headquartered in West Windsor Township, New Jersey serving 1.6 million customers in Texas. This publicly traded power company’s operations include thermal energy production, wind energy, base loading, cogeneration and peaking facilities. NRG also owns and a part of some generating facilities in Latin America, Australia and Europe. The company’s acquisition of Texas Genco in 2005 and Reliant Energy in 2009 expanded the company’s generation facility and equity firms to a price of more than $6 Billion.

NRG Energy Job Positions and Descriptions

A Power Plant Operator is responsible in monitoring control board and regulating equipments based on the information taken from reading the instruments. He or she (preferably male) operates the turbines, generators, turbines and plant equipments to produce electricity. He ensures the efficient operation of the boilers by adjusting and manipulating the former to provide steam at specified temperature and pressure according to power requirements. He also controls and adjusts the voltage, speed and phase of incoming turbines to synchronize with phase and voltage being generated. He also records any malfunctions and out of order instruments, control devices and equipments for report purposes.

NRG Energy Power Plant Operator Job Hourly Salary: $37/hour

An Account Manager is responsible in the accounts of the customers. He or she is the one analyzing reports on the company’s revenues based on customer’s purchasing power. He or she is also the one tasked to build strong relationship with key clients by conducting customer feedback and eventually improve company’s services. He or she also reviews customer accounts regularly to check service needs and usage trending. This will identify service improvements and meet customer needs.

NRG Energy Account Manager Job Salary: $63,000

As a Telecommunications Manager, one should have a wide knowledge of computer hardware and software. He or she is in charge and maintains the company’s computer network, like Local Area Network (LAN), Internet Systems and the Wide Area Network (WAN). As a manager, he or she manages the Telecommunications team that actually installs software, maintains hardware, setting up passwords, and debugging computer units. He or she also manages the team in any computer updates, upgrades and security of computer systems.

NRG Energy Telecommunications Manager Job Salary: $110,000

A Transmission Analyst is the one analyzing a transmission system of the company in a feasible area. He or she gathers data on a particular site and examines the viability of the power transmission on that area. He or she should be working with project engineers and surveyors for data analyses. He or she should be able to settle complex problems like unsuitability of materials to be installed, difficult coordination requirements and conflicting design requirements. He or she should be able to write reports about the area analyses for the execution of the transmission project.

NRG Energy Transmission Analyst Job Salary: $98,000

A Commercial Operations Associate is responsible in the monitoring and scheduling of the selling and manufacturing processes. He or she is tasked to do commercial operations like monthly or annual budget management, monitoring operations in a particular location and scheduling manufacturing processes. He or she also assists in the management of audits and operation standards.

NRG Energy Commercial Operations Associate Job Salary: $100,000

A Generation Analyst is responsible in analyzing the generation capacity of the company’s generation facilities. He analyzes data as to ensure the quality operations, safety and quantity of the power is executed properly. He also writes reports on the power generation cost and revenue of the company. He also sets and develops new standards and ways to produce power more cost effective and efficient according to the data gathered.

NRG Energy Generation Analyst Job Salary: $67,000

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