One Way Furniture Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 7, 2011

One Way Furniture Inc. Job Description

One Way Furniture, Inc. functions as an online furniture and equipment store. The company offers block chair, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and accent, amusement, for kids, university, workplace, and open-air furniture. One Way Furniture, Inc. was brought into market in early 2000’s and is located in Farmingdale, New York. One Way Furniture proposes cut rate furniture for the house or office with no center staff. Now customers will be able to purchase furniture delivered “One Way” straight from the company. One Way Furniture Inc. has more than 70 storehouses all over the country.

One Way Furniture Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Visual Merchandiser

The Visual merchandising team members contribute to the promotion, marketing, and sales efforts of a retail site. This of course will become possible by means of scheming, rising and taking charge of the image appearance of the store and its products. As a part of the in-store merchandising team, visual merchandiser will be performing merchandising tactics by creating and sustaining visual displays in the store windows and on the sales floor. Visual merchandiser will as well throw in to the productivity of the store with his or her products management, replacement, and record control efforts. The span of his or her duties and responsibilities will diverge depending on the dimension of the retail function. This would also include the intensity of the visual merchandising position he or she will hold. In general, visual merchandiser key tasks will contain visual display, account management, and merchandising exercise.

Visual Merchandiser Wage: $40,000.00

  • Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant should tender support for a workplace as well as the top executives of a business. Administrative assistant have everyday tasks such as organization of administrative activities, recovering, systematizing and distributing information to employees and customers, overseeing their office coworkers and evaluating profits memorandum. The classic work duties of an administrative assistant consist of setting up and arranging meetings or engagements, sorting out hard copy and electronic records, accomplishing study and running projects. Administrative assistant could also be obliged to assemble visitor and tour accommodations. The gears used by administrative assistants on a day by day source comprises of desk phone, Internet, mail and e-mail. The tools he or she utilizes may incorporate fax machines, scanners, videoconferencing systems and photocopiers. Administrative assistant possibly will generate spreadsheets, presentations, documents and reports. He or she can also be requested to decompensate for equipment and supplies, communicate with vendors and supervise vicinities such as libraries or storerooms.

Administrative Assistant Wage: $35,000.00

  • Sales Associate

The Sales associate’s most important sense of duty is to interest purchasers of the company’s products or services. Sales associate shows their products and suggest customers on how by means of these products can lessen expenses and or boost income. Sales associate can use up much of his or her time roaming to and visiting with potential purchasers and existing customers. Sales associate must also deal with customer’s queries and worries.

Sales associate Wage: $30,000.00

How to Apply

Update resumes and apply on their office at Farmingdale, New York.

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