Outback Steakhouse

by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Outback Steakhouse Job Description

Outback Steakhouse is an original American casual dining restaurant chain with headquarters at Tampa Florida. It has over 900 locations in over 21 countries all across North and South America as well as in Europe, Asia and Australia. With the fast growin expansion, Outback Steakhouse is in need of qualified personnel to work both in the managerial and Team Member level.

Outback Steakhouse Job Positions and Duties

  • Outback Steakhouse Restaurant Manager Job Description

Outback Steakhouse is in the lookout for qualified Restaurant Managers that are both performance and result oriented with full experience in managing a similar type of business or had worked in similar field as Assistant Manager or General Manager. Restaurant Managers are in charge of the overall operation of the restaurant and must possess excellent leadership skills and the capacity to assess, identify, motivate, empower and appraise a team. Restaurant Managers are also expected to exert all efforts when it comes to building sales and profits. In addition to that, they must also create a hundred percent customer friendly ambiance for an unforgettable dining experience.

Outback Steakhouse Restaurant Manager Salary: $39,000

  • Outback Steakhouse Bus Boy Job Description

Bus Boys at Outback Steakhouse need to perform the duties and key responsibilities that include one hundred percent customer service and must observe courtesy at all times. Team Members are also expected to use their knowledge of positional skills, uphold and apply the company’s health and safety guidelines and they are also directed to follow all company policies and operational procedures. The primary duty of bus boys is to clear the tables after customers are done and make sure that the proper sanitation standards are observed all the time.

Outback Steakhouse Bus Boy Hourly Salary: $7.31

  • Outback Steakhouse Server Job Description

The Server at Outback Steakhouse has the main responsibility taking the food and beverage orders of the customer and must enter all orders as quickly as possible while maintaining the proper sequence. Servers at Outback Steakhouse must also serve the ordered food and beverages in their section as well as to other sections when other servers are busy with other duties. Servers also need to coordinate with the kitchen staff just to make sure that the service is on time and the quality of the food is according to the company’s standards.

Outback Steakhouse Server Hourly Salary: $6.44

  • Outback Steakhouse Hostess Job Description

The primary responsibility of Outback Hostess is to greet the customer entering or leaving the premises. A hostess is also expected to provide all the necessary assistance in order for customers to experience a hundred percent quality dining experience at Outback Steakhouse. A Hostess at Outback also needs to oblige to all the needs of every customer especially those with disabilities. Hostesses also need to manage the ‘Wait List’ when the restaurant is full and must ensure that priority is given to those who arrived first. Hostesses also need to introduce the server to the client and make sure that every request has been fulfilled.

Outback Steakhouse Hourly Salary: $8.58

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Outback Steakhouse include Bartender, Managing Partner, Waitstaff, and Kitchen Director. For those who are looking for an opportunity to build a rewarding career in a fast paced working environment, Outback Steakhouse also offer other key positions in higher managerial level. All employees are required to maintain the highest quality of employment standards in order to uphold the principles and company values of Outback Steakhouse when it comes to providing the highest quality of customer service and excellent food in the field of restaurant industry.

Outback Steakhouse Job Application Form Online

To look for available job positions at Outback Steakhouse, visit the company’s official website at http://outback.com/careeropportunities/.

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