Panera Bread

by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Panera Bread Job Description

Panera Bread is one of the largest chains of bakery café restaurants in the country. Among the services provided by Panera Bread is selling quality breads, soups, salads, sandwiches, and various types of organic foods. With the growing expansion, Panera Bread is looking for qualified individuals with the skills and capacity to work in a fast faced, customer oriented food industry.

Panera Bread Job Positions and Duties

  • Panera Bread General Manager Job Description

Panera Bread General Managers have the main duty of establishing team work and dedication among the employees while making the customers feel like they are part of a big family when dining at the restaurant. But above all, General Managers at Panera Bread face a more important role of having to direct the store’s overall daily operations by scheduling work shift among employees, ordering and conducting inventory of food supplies and ensuring that the company’s safety codes and security policy are being maintained. It is also their responsibility to recruit, interview, and hire qualified Team Members. It is also within their power to conduct performance evaluation and appraisal, motivate and coach staff, as well as take disciplinary action if needed.

Panera Bread General Manager Salary: $44,125

  • Panera Bread Assistant Manager Job Description

The chief responsibility of Panera Bread Assistant Managers is to assist the management particularly the General Manager in implementing the standard guidelines for the store’s daily operation. Assistant Managers also need to provide managerial support when it comes to scheduling work shifts, monitoring the staff’s daily tasks, performing inventory count of all the store’s supplies and evaluating sales on a continual basis while taking counteractive action in order for the company to meet the weekly sales growth target. Assistant Managers also need to ensure that the entire store’s equipment as well as its facilities is properly maintained based on the company’s guidelines in safekeeping and maintaining company owned equipment. They also need to assist in hiring and training new crew members to ensure that applicants are qualified to perform their delegated tasks.

Panera Bread Assistant Manager Salary: $37,246

  • Panera Bread Baker Job Description

Bakers at Panera Bread have the sole responsibility of preparing and producing all bread products sold at the store. They must at all times perform their duties according to the standards implemented by the company and follow the recipe to the letter. Bakers must also complete all the delegated tasks before the end of their shift and make sure that all stocks are filled for the next shift.

Panera Bread Baker Hourly Salary: $9.28

  • Panera Bread Crew Member Job Description

If you have a comprehensive knowledge in providing a hundred percent customer service and at the same take pride on what you do, you can qualify for a job position at Panera Bread as a crew member. With the right attitude and determination in completing a delegated task, you can easily become part of Panera Bread’s workforce. Applicants for Crew Members must be at least sixteen years of age and know the basics of dealing with customers. Basic duties include providing assistance to customers when making orders, cleaning the dining area, and providing excellent customer service at all times.

Panera Bread Crew Member Hourly Salary: $8.50

  • Other Job Positions

Panera Bread offers a wide host of available job positions from Associate Trainer to Sales Associate, Shift Supervisor, Via Panera Coordinator, Customer Service Representative, and Oracle Applications Database Administrator among many others. Every job position has its unique duties and responsibilities and awarding of the positions will largely depend on the personal skills and knowledge of every applicant.

Panera Bread Job Application Form Online

To learn more about the company, you can visit where every information you need is available. The career page of Panera Bread at also offer comprehensive information with regards to every available career opportunities and compensation and benefits for those who may qualify for the job.

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