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by Publishing Team on January 24, 2011

Party City Job Description

Party City is where you’ll go to for party goods and supplies that you need. Party City is the largest and the leader in party goods retailing in America with over 600 stores. Party City is a division of Amscan Holdings, Inc. a party goods distributor and merchandiser not only in America but also worldwide.

Party City Job Positions and Duties

  • Party City General Manager Job Description

Party City General Managers supervise the stores daily operation following the set standards and store SOP. He/she manages the overall store associate functions from merchandise handling, stocking, shelf organizing, and delivery of quality customer service. He/she also takes care of store staffing ensuring that the staffs potentials are put into good use and are developed well.

Party City General Manager Salary: $55, 583

  • Party City Assistant Manager Job Description

An Assistant Manager adheres to the store policy and supervises store associate activities. He/she sees to it that the associates perform their duties well and satisfy customer needs superbly. He/she also motivate the associates to enhance their sales performance to meet the sales goals.

Party City Assistant Manager Salary: $37, 000

  • Party City Executive Assistant Manager Job Description

As an Executive Assistant Manager your responsibilities would include opening and closing the store, cash handling, authorize register functions, and other related managerial related tasks. He/she also takes part in sales associate training and development and provides motivation for sales excellence.

Party City Executive Assistant Manager Salary: $44, 800

  • Party City team Leader Job Description

A Team Leader has various tasks and responsibilities inside the store. He/she provides assistance in the store’s supervisory duties. He/she may also authorize register functions and opens and closes store when needed. He/she ensures quality of service to customers by being personally in contact with customers. A Team Leader also has functions in merchandise movement and other merchandising procedures.

Party City Team Leader Hourly Salary: $8

  • Party City Cashier Job Description

The store Cashier takes care of register functions. He/she assists the customers as they take the final procedure in their merchandise purchase. The cashier inputs the sales and receives the cash payment from the customers ensuring that the right amount is given by the customer and gives the right change to the customers.

Party City Cashier Hourly Salary: $7.72

Party City Job Application Form Online

Job opportunities may be available at Party City and you maybe the person they are looking for. Try visiting their website to see more information about job openings at Party City.

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