Patagonia Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 3, 2011

Patagonia Inc. Job Description

Patagonia Inc. has hit the highest point of out-of-doors clothing marketing, crafting and retailing rocky outfits and accessories to mountain climbers, skiers, surfers, and other tremendous sports lovers and environmentalists who are prepared to shell out a premium for the Patagonia brand and ecological ethic. Above and beyond its trademark Patagonia line, the business also sells stuff from sister companies Lotus Designs, Water Girl and Great Pacific Iron Works. It sells the garments, gear, accessories, and luggage all the way through department retailers, a catalog, website, and its personal stores. Patagonia is owned by Lost Arrow Corporation and is headquarter in USA and also has major stores outside America.

Patagonia Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Art Director for Product Design

The Art Director for Product Design facilitates closely with the Creative Director of Product to put into practice efficient strategies; lays down the merchandise graphic design quality for every product line and subsequently present the product graphic concepts and suggestions; supervises the creation of production illustrations used in the creation of Company workbooks and sales collateral; in charge for the management of the T-shirt design line up for the Company such as launching the seasonal graphic direction with each product grouping, producing unique artwork, as well as coordinating with treaty designers, establishing the graphic timeline and art direct graphic art from notion to manufacture; accountable for the daily running of the Product Illustration team, the Textile design group and Product Graphics Production Artist such as timeline and workload supervision, supply distribution, teamwork with Design Team and Product Line Directors or Managers to make certain of seasonal style and product veracity; responsible for guaranteeing that the entire timelines are met for the partition; creates art for merchandising pages with the Product Illustration Team and design message tools that maintains the brand image; endows with art direction, contacts and organization of freelance artists; produces color ways for graphic art that supports merchandising accounts of product teams; join forces with manufacturer, development and sellers to go on with the expansion and improvement of the Company’s T-shirt program that holds the design viewpoints of the Company; offers design and production assistance for extra clothing graphics like neck labels, trims, embroideries; works together with the Creative Director of Design in the formation of seasonal plan course books and presentation tools; works together with Creative Director of Design and or the Color Designers in arranging sales conference presentations; brings illustrations for Company workbook to the Company’s marketing section; and takes part in Company sponsored tour to collect brainwaves to support seasonal brand initiatives.

Art Director for Product Design Salary: $60,000.00-$120,000.00

Patagonia Inc. Job Application Form Online

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