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by Publishing Team on February 11, 2011

Peace Corps Job Description

The Peace Corps is an American agency with the same name as its volunteer program. With a mission that focuses on three distinct goals: providing technical assistance; helping people outside the United States to understand U.S. Culture; and helping Americans understand the cultures of other countries, the Peace Corps works toward social and economic development.

Peace Corps Job Positions and Duties

  • Peace Corps Information Technology Specialist Job Description

The Information Technology Specialist primarily creates, maintains, and supports the entirety of business applications. He/she will manage new or existing applications software. He/she will be responsible in recording and validating the applications. Also part of his/her responsibility is developing the design for database that is based on the organization’s mission and functions.

Peace Corps Information Technology Specialist Annual Salary Range: $65,840.00 – $119,327.00

  • Peace Corps Program Specialist Job Description

The many responsibilities of a Program Specialist include researching and analyzing issues or the requirements needed for the program. He/she also needs to accomplish and plan a special project efficiently and conduct evaluative measures in to monitor program improvements. Moreover, he/she will have to give guidance regarding administration of programs or policies.

Peace Corps Program Specialist Annual Salary Range: $53,350.00 – $96,689.00

  • Peace Corps Public Affairs Specialist Job Description

The Public Affairs Specialist will be responsible for supporting the recruitment office. He/she develops and provides marketing and advertising strategies. He/she also develops the recruitment office’s communication budget. He/she assist in the dissemination of service announcements and coordinating for media appearances. He/she also plans for and participates in activities for community relations and other special events.

Peace Corps Public Affairs Specialist Annual Salary Range: $51,825.00 – $93,926.00

  • Peace Corps Administrative Specialist Job Description

The Administrative Specialist will be assisting the regional office manager in performing administrative functions as well as financial, personnel, and contractual functions. He/she would also monitor and manage the office budget and account status. He/she also conducts surveys to determine program operations result.

Peace Corps Administrative Specialist Annual Salary: $41,419.00 – $76,108.00

  • Peace Corps Civil Engineer Job Description

The Civil Engineer will be responsible for creating design layouts for new construction sites and provide modifications for renovation of existing structures. The Civil Engineer will be in charge of investigating site conditions, providing estimates for material cost, and prepare the layout and grading plan for civil design projects.

Peace Corps Civil Engineer Annual Salary Range: $47,917.00 – $79,272.00

Peace Corps Career Opportunities Online

If you want to be a Peace Corps volunteer visit their site at and start exploring for agency jobs that might just be perfect for you.

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