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by Publishing Team on January 14, 2011

Pepsi Bottling Group Job Description

On August 4, 2009 The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. was purchased by PepsiCo together with PepsiAmericas and grew to be the world’s largest bottler of Pepsi-Cola Beverages. Headquartered in Purchase, New York, Pepsi Beverage Company was established after assumption were completed on February 26, 2010.PBG sales of Pepsi-Cola beverages accounted for more than one-half of the Pepsi-Cola beverages sold in the United States and Canada and about 40 percent worldwide. PBG had the exclusive right to manufacture, sell and distribute Pepsi-Cola beverages in all of 43 states, 9 provinces of Canada, the District of Columbia, Spain, Greece, Russia, Turkey and Mexico.

Pepsi Bottling Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Pepsi Bottling Merchandiser Job Description

A merchandiser is a promoter of the retail of bottled goods who attracts consumers and meets their demand. He or she studies the market, analyzes the structure of the market and decides the target market bracket either in terms of age, gender, or location. He or she also recommends the volume of bottled of stock to be delivered in a particular, area, store or region. He or she is the one tracking consumer demands and trends and establishing generalized volume of stocks, evaluates quality, and setting up marketing mechanism.

Pepsi Bottling Merchandiser Job Hourly Salary: $13.66/hour

  • Pepsi Bottling Pre-Sell Representative Job Description

A Pre-Sell Representatives main duty objective is to maximize company sales by working against the key retail priorities. Retail priorities might include: maximization of merchandising opportunities, new item launch, and getting a market share.

Pepsi Bottling Pre-Sell Representative Job Salary: $41,743

  • Pepsi Bottling Territory Sales Manager Job Description

A Territory Sales Manager is a combined duty of a manager and a sales representative given in a particular territorial coverage. He or she is going to manage staff most of the time but also responsible for hitting sales quotas in his or her territory. He or she is responsible of sales operations over a given geographical area.

Pepsi Bottling Territory Sales Manager Job Salary: $59,086

  • Pepsi Bottling Quality Control Manager Job Description

Following established company standards, a Quality Control Manager coordinates, plans and implements control programs designed to ensure uninterrupted production of products. He or she develops and analyzes statistical data and product specifications in order to establish improvements on present standards of finished products. He or she also creates and executes quality control objectives and cooperates with plant managers to maximize product quality and minimize costs.

Pepsi Bottling Quality Control Manager Job Salary: $59,643

  • Pepsi Bottling Production Supervisor Job Description

A Production Supervisor ensures uninterrupted activities; produce quality and quantity products at the right time. He or she is also tasked to motivate strong and industrious production team. He or she also liaises with production on planning output requirements. He or she is also responsible for the workshop operator’s attendance and discipline.

Pepsi Bottling Production Supervisor Job Salary: $51,700

  • Pepsi Bottling Warehouse Worker Job Description

A Warehouse worker has a wide range of stocks to be performed. He or she(preferably male) unloads and loads trucks, picking orders, product wrapping, packing, shipping and receiving. He cleans and maintains housekeeping of the working area and moves waste away. He may also perform other tasked needed in the maintenance and operation of the warehouse.

Pepsi Bottling Warehouse Worker Hourly Salary: $15.83/hour

  • Pepsi Bottling Driver Job Description

A driver is responsible for the on time delivery and transportation of the bottled goods from the bottling plant. He picks up delivery receipts and reports it to the warehouse supervisor.

Pepsi Bottling Driver Job Salary: $42,227

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