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Petco Job Description

Founded in 1965 headquartered in San Diego, California, Petco is a private chain of retail stores offering pet supplies and services like grooming and training. And as of 2010, Petco operates in over 1000 locations in 50 states in America including District of Columbia.

Petco Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Petco Sales Associate Job Description

Sales Associate ensures a friendly environment in the store. He or she makes sure the customers are well assisted and must be courteous enough when approached. He or she also assist in packing the merchandise and take the attention of sales personnel for the procedure of payment. He or she must also be aware and updated of promotions and advertisements. He or she must also possess good communications skills with the customers to build a good customer-store relationship.

Petco Sales Associate Job Hourly Salary: $8.69/hour

  • Petco Store Manager Job Description

A store manager’s responsibility revolves in the area of monitoring merchandise sales, store operations and employee performance, records of bookkeeping and accounting, and promotions and advertisements. He or she must possess a good leadership and entrepreneurial skills to fully oversee the daily activities of the store.

Petco Store Manager Job Salary: $46,885

  • Petco Team Leader Job Description

A Team leader serves as the fore-front for human resource management. The responsibility of a team leader is revolves mainly in managing people and evaluating its performance. He or she conducts performance reviews and making sure the employees are meeting company expectations. He or she may also be concerned in the final process of recruitment, employee promotions or termination.

Petco Team Leader Job Salary: $11.52/hour

  • Petco Companion Animal Specialist Job Description

In order to be a Companion Animal Specialist, one should be patient and committed enough in training a domestic animal. He or she must be an athletic, sociable and an animal behavior expert. All aspects of animal training and service should be covered.

Petco Companion Animal Specialist Job Hourly Salary: $9.86/hour

  • Petco Pet Groomer Job Description

A Pet Groomer is responsible in all areas of pet grooming services for domestic pets like the bathing, trimming nails, and brushing teeth of usually dogs and cats. There is no educational requirement of being a Pet Groomer, as long one is comfortable in handling domestic animals.

Petco Pet Groomer Job Hourly Salary: $10.03/hour

  • Petco Inventory Manager Job Description

An Inventory Manager is responsible in managing and keeping records of inventory and ensuring stocks are properly warehoused. He or she makes sure the availability of the merchandise or stocks. He or she holds all records concerning inventory and should have a good estimation of its delivery and shipping cost. He or she must also be able to analyze and forecast future trends in the stock demands avoiding stock shortage.

Petco Inventory Manager Job Hourly Salary: $11.65/hour

  • Petco Department Manager Job Description

A Department Manager’s responsibility is to manage and administer a particular department, whether he or she is assigned in sales department, marketing department, or finance department. He or she ensures the standard operating procedures are carried out at day-to-day basis.

Petco Department Manager Job Hourly Salary: $12.37/hour

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